10 Best Add-Ons for WoW Season of Discovery

New Season, Old Add-ons...

by Davi Braid

With the sudden arrival of the Season of Discovery, World of Warcraft players are already wondering what are the best add-ons in this new journey through Azeroth.

Luckily, we know which ones are the best. Check out the list below with the 10 best add-ons for World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery.

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The 10 Best Add-Ons for World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery


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Questie displays available quests and their objective locations, helping players navigate the game more efficiently. Originally a port of the QuestHelper addon from The Burning Crusade (2.4) to Vanilla (1.12), it has since been completely rewritten and expanded. Additional functionalities can be unlocked with the installation of other addons. For instance, the TomTom-Addon enables an arrow guide to objective locations, and the DBM-Addon allows for the use of advanced features if enabled in the Questie in-game settings.


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Bagnon is a popular add-on that enhances the bag interface in World of Warcraft. It consolidates all bags into one window, making item management more efficient. Key features include item highlighting, sorting, and a search function. It supports various storage types including inventory, bank, void storage, and guild bank, accessible anytime and anywhere.


This is a clever name for an add-on that helps you customize your HUD by providing alternative Action Bar organization options. Bartender4 replaces the default Action Bar in World of Warcraft, offering extensive customization options for all action and related bars. It lets you increase size, add other bars, reorganize the way they are ordered, and more.


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AtlasLoot Classic is a user interface modification for World of Warcraft that provides access to boss loot tables in-game. It offers a variety of features including loot tables for dungeons and raids, crafting information detailing materials, created items, and skill ranks, faction details, collections of item sets, and world events.


Auctioneer Suite equips you with the necessary tools and data for efficient auctioning. It streamlines the process from buying to selling, allowing you more time to enjoy the game. Beyond being a simple auctioning addon, Auctioneer Suite provides detailed information on all game items, including those used in quests, recipes, enchanting, milling, prospecting, and more.

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This is a complete overhaul of the standard WoW interface. Contrary to some beliefs, ElvUI is not an amalgamation of multiple addons This add-on’s appeal lies in its extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor every aspect of their UI. Its popularity fosters a vibrant community where users can exchange ideas and profiles.


GatherMate2 aids in the collection and tracking of various resources such as herbs, mines, fishing pools, gas clouds, archaeology finds, and treasures. It records the location of every resource you collect, displaying them on both the world map and minimap for easy reference. When you approach a previously recorded location, an icon appears on your mini-map, indicating the type of resource available.

Deadly Boss Mods

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Deadly Boss Mods is an alert system for boss encounters in World of Warcraft. It’s composed of numerous “boss modules”, which are mini add-ons each tailored for a specific raid boss. These modules activate alert messages and timer bars during boss fights. The relevant module is automatically loaded and activated when you enter the corresponding instance, ensuring only the necessary module is active at a given time.

Details! Damage Meter

Details! Damage Meter provides comprehensive statistics and information about combat encounters. Primarily used to monitor damage per second (DPS) and healing per second (HPS) in instanced PvE or PvP scenarios such as raids or arenas, it also boasts a variety of other features.


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WeakAuras is a robust and adaptable framework that enhances the World of Warcraft user interface by displaying customizable graphics to signify buffs, debuffs, and other pertinent information. Key features include an intuitive configuration interface, custom textures, progress bars that accurately track aura durations, and displays based on various triggers such as auras, health, power, cooldowns, combat events, and more.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2023

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