Best Classes in Mordhau, Ranked

Treat these classes like templates for your own unique builds.

by J.R. Waugh
Mordhau Best Classes Ranked
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Mordhau is a recent and popular online multiplayer experience where you hack and slash your way to dominance on medieval battlefields. Whether you’re seeking to besiege your opponents or ward off pillagers and protect your coffers, there are multiple ways to strike down any aggressors. The game allows you to create your fighter, with 9 default options to familiarize you with potential load-outs. Some of the best default classes in Mordhau help set players up for success, while others require practice and patience.

Best Default Classes in Mordhau

We ranked the best default classes in Mordhau based on their effectiveness and approachability. Different classes have different load-outs including armor configuration, perk allocation, and weapons. Some are better equipped than others for certain situations with just enough versatility to get out of a messy melee alive.

More than anything, though, they can inspire you to create a similar build of your own with your tweaks. The listing is ranked below, from lowest to highest:

  • 9. Veteran
  • 8. Knight
  • 7. Protector
  • 6. Engineer
  • 5. Footman
  • 4. Scoundrel
  • 3. Brigand
  • 2. Huntsman
  • 1. Raider

This ranking follows how each class feels to play, and how well their skills currently complement their load-outs. Often, the more agile fighters do quite well in the game due to them being still relatively able to defend themselves against heavier attackers. However, with just enough tweaks, even heavier soldiers can still come out on top.

9. Veteran

Image: Triternion

This is one heavier soldier who doesn’t seem to come out on top very often. Their two-handed eveningstar and heavy armor result in everything from moving to attacking feeling sluggish. Your opponents will capitalize on that, too, so make sure to have comrades ready to swoop in for the kill while you make the most of your Tank perk.

8. Knight

Image: Triternion

Objectively not bad at their role, but nothing special either. They’re relatively slower, featuring a greatsword as their only weapon, and the Flesh Wound ability oftentimes feels more like a funny gimmick than advantageous. This is due in large part to it being somewhat ineffective as long as your opponent can parry your final desperate swings.

7. Protector

Image: Triternion

With a similar feel to the Veteran’s tankiness, but better applications and flexibility, this is where the classes feel better thought-out. The protector carries a shield and a Morningstar, a great load-out with medium-to-heavy armor, and boasts the Fireproof perk. They make for great defenders who can dig in their heels, smash opponents, and recover their health quickly with equipped bandages to do it again.

6. Engineer

Image: Triternion

The Engineer is a highly valuable tactical asset on the battlefield, with low-to-medium armor, and a pretty solid load-out. This can come in clutch when your opponents try and seize objectives through a choke point, or can sow chaos when besieging the enemy team with their handy smoke bombs. The fortifications Engineers can rapidly place and built make them one of the most interesting assets to your team.

5. Footman

Image: Triternion

The Footman is an interesting unit because, while it can feel still at times fighting with the spear it feels outclassed by similar polearms in the game. But the Footman’s load-out helps sell the experience aside from this. They have the quicker secondary weapon, the Cleaver, with some solid attack speed, and Medic Bags, which can help sustain a push for the objective when on the attack.

4. Scoundrel

Image: Triternion

One of the best and most versatile classes in Mordhau, the Scoundrel has plenty of options for versatile and skilled players. Their fire bombs can punish enemies for staying together in narrow points, the bear traps can help stagger advances or retreats, and they’re mercilessly fast.

With perks like Cat and Rat allowing you to quickly advance from high points highly reduced fall damage and sneak up on opponents to get in the killing blow with the rapier, there’s plenty to do with this mercenary.

3. Brigand

Image: Triternion

The Brigand can sometimes feel like a more flexible, faster Knight. They have the zweihander for good range and offense, while their throwing axes pack more than a punch for any enemies not wanting to get up close. This, combined with Fireproof and Supplied, allowing you to survive fire damage and restock more efficiently, makes the Brigand one of the best classes in Mordhau for wearing down your opponents.

2. Huntsman

Image: Triternion

The best default class for defenders in Mordhau, the Huntsman is as adaptable as the Scoundrel but arguably better in most combat scenarios. They inflict heavy damage with the longbow thanks to the Huntsman perk and are prepared in situations when they get hit in close quarters with their cleavers. Any prolonged projectile fights against Huntsman can potentially be disadvantageous as well, as they come with bandages as a default to rapidly heal.

1. Raider

Image: Triternion

The Raider can do it all. They too have the Supplied perk like the Brigand, but they also sport the phenomenal war axe and can rain down the hurt when throwing javelins, with the added perks of picking up weapons carried by killed enemies. They can also rain heavy damage on fortified locations thanks to Wrecker and are well-supplied to tear down even the hardiest of opponents.

Ultimately though, the best class in Mordhau is often what you make in the game after finding the options presented by these default mercenaries. Even the most approachable ones on this list can come with a few small tweaks to make them a force to be reckoned with.

- This article was updated on April 21st, 2023

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