Best Elements in Shindo Life: Ranked Tier List

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering what the best Elements in Shindo Life are? Shindo Life is a popular Roblox game based on the hit show Naruto. An essential aspect of Shindo Life is equipping and leveling Elements that unlock attacks for your character. We already brought you the ultimate Shindo Life bloodlines tier list, so it is only appropriate that we create the ultimate elements tier list as well. After reading both guides, you will become the ultimate Ninjutsu master!

The Best Elements in Shindo Life

Elements determine the type of Ninjutsu your character can perform. You will start with two element slots by default and can unlock two additional slots by purchasing the Element Slot 3 and Element Slot 4 game passes. This means you can pair Elements together to make powerful Ninjutsu combos to decimate your enemies. To unlock Elements, you will need to spin… a lot, so don’t lose out on those free Spins and Rell Coins. You can also unlock them from the Rell Coin shop or boss drops.

Shindo Life Element Tier List

C: Gale, Shock, Flame, Air
B: Cement, Combustion, Liquid
A: Yin, Gilga, Chaos, Order, Shiver

The following five Elements are rated as S tier, the best in the game.


Yang is a 1/150 rarity from spinning. This element shares a lot of its moveset with the Yin element. Yang’s max level ability is 470. You can purchase yang in the Rell Coin shop.


Prism-Style is 1/150 rarity from spinning. This element shares a lot of its moveset with the Shiver element. Prism-Style’s max level ability is 440.


Stone is 1/5 rarity from spinning. Stone’s max level ability is 460. This element is part of the common element group.


Acid is 1/80 rarity from spinning. The Water element carries over this element’s traits and moves. Acid’s max level ability is 465.


Pyromania is a rarity 1/100 from spinning. Pyromania’s max level ability is 470. The Maru Spirit Boss has a 1/20 drop of this element.

Roblox is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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