Best Football Manager 2024 Free Agents

Round out your team with these options!

by J.R. Waugh
Best Free Agents Football Manager 2024
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When rounding out your team in Football Manager 2024, it’s best to consider the pool of free agents with a healthy balance of base skill and decently high potential. You want bang for your buck, but you’ll be surprised how far some of these talents can go.

Football Manager 2024: Best Free Agents to Add to Your Team

To get a good sample group of the best free agents to consider in Football Manager 2024, we wanted to sample top selections for each position, along with suggestions from the community. One thing to consider is that not all of your selections should necessarily be the youngest players; consider each player’s stats and keep in mind their cost-efficiency.

Javier PastoreAMC34
Roberto SorianoAMC32
Jesse LingardAMLC30
Diego PerottiAMR34
Jang Hyun-sooCB31
Adrien SilvaCM34
Shkrodan MustafiDC31
Jean-Philippe GbaminDM27
Peter EteboDM27
Luan SilvaFC24
David de GeaGK32
Sergio AsenjoGK34
Kostas StafylidisLB29
Souleyman DoumbiaLB26
Helder CostaLW29
Jose CampanaMC/AMC30
Aleix VidalRB33
Alamy ToureRB27
Karim BellarabiRW33
Bobby WoodStriker30
Brian FernandezStriker28
Fabio QuagliarellaStriker40

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As you’ll notice, there’s a healthy spread both of ages and positions from which you can choose to enhance your pool. Some of these will make some solid starters for your team, while others still have enough juice left in them to compete even if they’re getting older, with the oldest example being Fabio Quagliarella, a 40-year-old striker. But in terms of being economical and strategic, this is a strong pool of players you can add on a much lower budget than some of the bigger names you’ll find.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2023

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