Best Legion Arms in Lies of P

Here are the best Legion Arms in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Best Legion Arms
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Lies of P has fantastic combat due to the Legion Arms players can wield. Legion Arms act as a secondary weapon, each with a unique ability, and can be used to get you out of a pickle. There are a handful of Legion Arms that players can unlock throughout the main story, but some are better than others. This guide will inform you on the best Legion Arms in Lies of P so you know which ones to craft.

What Are The Best Legion Arms in Lies of P?

Picking a Legion Arm depends on which type of playstyle you are going for, without a doubt. But still, a few Legion Arms stand out since they can get you out of tricky situations when you are low on stamina and health. The best Legion Arms in Lies of P are Puppet String, Fulminis, Aegis, and Dues Ex Machina. Let’s go over each below.

Puppet String

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The Puppet String Legion arm is the first one you unlock in the game and hands-down one of the best. The Puppet String Legion Arm allows you to shoot a string and grapple an enemy from a great distance. Considering there are a ton of mini-enemies you must deal with on the way to the boss, it can get crowded and brutal to deal with everyone all at once. Puppet String will help you with crowd control, separating your enemies, and keeping your distance while you grapple and pick off each enemy one by one.

As you upgrade the Puppet String Legion Arm, you get access to more abilities to make it more versatile and valuable. Check out all the Puppet String upgrades below:

  • Level 1: Trace – Press and hold the Legion Arm button to track an enemy. (Grapple towards an enemy).
  • Level 2: Dodge – Enables dodging after a hit.
  • Level 3: Attack Link – If you pull or wire trace an enemy and press and hold the Legion Arm button, it will trigger a link attack.


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Fulminis is extremely helpful in Lies of P, especially in specific chapters. The Fulminis Legion Arm shoots an electric bolt, dealing damage to any enemy close to you. Considering a few chapters are filled with robot enemies, and they are weak to electricity and shock, Fulminis is the Legion Arm to choose in these situations. Robot puppets don’t take much damage from swords, so pick up this Legion Arm as soon as possible.

Fulminis upgrades make the Legion Arm even more powerful, increasing damage and range. Here are all the upgrades for the Fulminis Legion Arm.

  • Level 1: Movable Charge – Enables moving while charging Electric Blitz.
  • Level 2: Leakage Current – Continuous small sparks from the hands inflict damage while charging Electric Blitz.
  • Level 3: Overcharge – Increases the maximum level for charging.

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Blocking is the player’s most crucial asset in Lies of P, and it can be hard to pull off, especially against the game’s quicker enemies. That’s where the Aegis Legion Arm comes in, which acts as a shield with an explosive attached to it. Adding this Legion Arm to your arsenal can help with blocking more while also dealing damage to the enemy who strikes the shield.

As you level up Aegis, you will unlock abilities that are so great they can be the sole purpose you end up victorious against a boss. Here are the upgrades for the Aegis Legion Arm.

  • Level 1: Guard Attack – Can make weapon attacks while guarding.
  • Level 2: Guard Parry – When the Fable slot remains, you can parry by pressing the Fable button.
  • Level 3: Counter Charge – While performing a Guard Counter, charge for a more powerful attack.

Dues Ex Machina

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The Dues Ex Machina Legion Arm is the best in the game, although it can be hard to use. It works by placing down mines that will explode when an enemy walks into range of the sensor. It can deal an incredible amount of damage but should only be used when going against a slow-moving enemy. It takes some time for the sensor to activate, meaning fast enemies are usually out of range by then. But, if you use this against a slow-moving boss or elite enemy, you can utilize Dues Ex Machina to increase stagger chance and disintegrate the enemy’s health bar.

As you level up Dues Ex Machina, you will find the true power of this Legion Arm. The upgrades for each level of this Legion Arm is as follows:

  • Level 1: High-Performance Cell – Increases the enemy detection time after installation.
  • Level 2: Expand Magazine: Increases the maximum number of installations.
  • Level 3: Enhance Landmine – Increases the detection range and explosion range. Increases explosion damage.

These four Legion Arms are the best in Lies of P. But the other ones are good too. So, if you aren’t a fan of the four mentioned in this guide, feel free to try out the others by crafting them in Hotel Krat. The good news is that you can respec Legion Arms, so if you use a crafting material for one you don’t like, you can always respec and invest in another!

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2023

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