Best Matrices for Samir in Tower of Fantasy

Check out the best Matrices for Samir's Dual EM Stars on Tower of Fantasy

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Currently, Dual EM Stars can be considered the best DPS-focused weapon in the Global version of Tower of Fantasy, thanks to its ability to not only deal heavy amounts of damage but also to excel in both multi and single-target scenarios. But what are the best matrices for Samir (Dual EM Stars)? Now, to answer that and more, here are the best matrices for Samir, as well as a few alternatives sure to take your damage to the next level in Tower of Fantasy.

  • It’s important to point out that this article will only feature Matrices available on the game’s Global version, and will be updated as new ones arrive.

Best Matrices for Samir in Tower of Fantasy

Currently, the best Matrix set for Samir (Dual EM Stars) is a mix between her own SSR set and Crow’s, as the former will allow you to increase your damage upon hitting a target progressively (up to 10% at 0-☆), while the latter will increase your CRIT damage against targets with less than 60% of their overall HP by 24% (0-☆). With that said, if available, when facing single enemies, such as bosses, making use of the full 4-piece Samir Matrix set is recommended, as it will increase your overall damage against locked-on targets.

As we know that getting your hands on SSR Matrices in Tower of Fantasy is not easy, the current best SR Matrix for Samir is Sobek, thanks to its 6 ATK% buff for each enemy nearby at 0-☆ (Max 3-stacks). For those who prefer to fight while keeping their distance from their targets, using the Hilda Matrix set can also work great, as its 3-piece effect will increase your ATK by 15% (0-☆) when hitting far-away enemies (more than 6-meters away).

Now, for those still in the early portion of the game and who still don’t have any SR or SSR matrices, the best R Matrix set for Samir is Tenet Guard, as the set will increase your overall damage when using Volt weapons.

To recap, here are the best matrices for Samir:

  • Best Matrices for Samir: Samir (2-piece) + Crow (2-piece) / Samir (4-piece)
  • Best SR Matrices for Samir: Sobek (The best SR overall) / Hilda (For those who prefer to keep their distance / Not recommended for casual Duels).
  • Best R Matrix for Samir: Tenet Guard

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

- This article was updated on August 30th, 2022

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