10 Best Minecraft Mine Ideas: Cool Entrances and Designs

Improve your mine entrances with these mine designs!

by Cassidy Lovell

Is your Minecraft mine looking a little underwhelming? Need ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are five cool mine entrance ideas for Minecraft!

Mine Entrance Designs for Minecraft

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Simple Mine Entrance – Artic.Uno_MC


If you’re looking for something small, natural, and straightforward, this simple mine entrance is a great choice. While there’s no tutorial, this mine entrance should be easy enough to replicate from images alone. 

The entrance is made of wood logs, planks, stripped logs, and stairs, and you can easily swap wood types to blend more naturally into your biome. The beauty of this build is in the tiny details. The entrance flows really well into its surroundings, from the small pond nearby to the bushes and flowers. The cobblestone walls hanging from the ceiling create a realistic cavern look! Just be careful with those TNT minecarts— don’t blow up all your hard work! 

Mining Camp – Reimiho


This is a larger project, but the tutorial makes the process easier than ever. It covers the required materials, terrain, and optimal build location, and does the entire process in survival mode! 

This build is composed of three different parts: the entrance, the crane, and the storage area. The crane is an excellent addition for players looking for an industrial feel, and the storage makes this mine entrance practical and visually pleasing. Again, be careful with that TNT! 

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Cozy Mining Entrance – TheMythicalSausage


For players who prefer something a little more fantasy-aligned, this cozy fantasy mining entrance is a great find. Plus, the narrated tutorial is short and easy to follow. This entrance is structured like a comfy cottage embedded into the side of a hill, surrounded by deep forest and flowers! This build has a mystical aura about it, and players can accentuate that feeling by adding extra touches, like Blue Orchids, spiderwebs, or mossy stone. 

Unique Mine Entrances – Eli’s Art


This tutorial is four mine entrance ideas in one video! These builds are super unique, from an entrance on the water to a trippy textured front wall. The wide entrances allow some of the designs to include rails, allowing you to set up a working transportation system for your mine. There’s also extra outside decoration and details, like a picnic table and foliage.

Large Mining Base – Alisson Josè


Another larger build, this open-air mining base is great for players who favor practicality. This mine has everything you’ll need, from storage to crafting to transportation. The minecart rails are a highlight of this build, with Redstone connections, levers, and more to make mining easier and faster.

Medieval Mining Entrance – Mechitect


It’s short, it’s simple, and it’s slightly spooky— it’s a medieval mine entrance. If you’re looking for something effortless, this mine entrance is a great choice. You can use this entrance as a descent to a larger mine foyer if you want a little extra space. The spiderwebs tie the place together.

Mountain House with Mine Entrance – BunnyhopHigh


Kill two birds with one stone by making this mountain house with an attached mine. House not big enough? There’s plenty of room for expansion within the mountain. Plus, your trip to the mine is sure to be short— it’s just downstairs. Just make sure it’s well-lit to avoid monsters spawning in your basement.

Hole in the Ground – Dimatrix_Game


Hop right into this build— no, literally. If you’re on an island or an area with limited space, this vertical mine entrance is a great way to utilize what you have. It’s more than just a hole in the ground, too— it’s got character.

Forested Medieval Mine – Juras6x


Another medieval entry to the list! This would go well with a forest biome, like a jungle or dark forest, or as an entrance to a lush cave. You can build this entrance anywhere there’s an open cave mouth, or simply carve out your own. This build gives off enchanted, overgrown vibes.

Starter House with Mine – Foxel


If you liked the mountain house and mine, but you’re looking for something a little more suburban, this tutorial will help you out! Cute, cozy, and practical, with lots of space for flowers, decorations, and storage. They even have another tutorial for a house with an attached mine and dock!

Now that you’ve got a great idea for a mine entrance, how about where to put it? Check out our 25 Best Minecraft Seeds for 1.20 to find the perfect spot for your new build.

- This article was updated on December 4th, 2023

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