10 Best Multiplayer Anime Games on Roblox

Here are the best multiplayer Anime games for Roblox.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Mygame43 and Roblox Corporation

Are you looking for the best multiplayer anime games on Roblox? Many anime games are available for the famous platform, but only some offer a multiplayer gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking for superpower action or intense fighting — there’s a game for you. So, gather your friends and follow this list for the best multiplayer anime games for Roblox!

The Best Anime Multiplayer Games for Roblox

With the consistent growth of Roblox’s player base, the amount of games on the platform also rises. There’s a game for everyone, but knowing which one to play that would fit your style can take time and effort. Anime fans can rejoice with this list of the 10 best multiplayer Anime games for Roblox!

Blox Fruits

Image: Mygame43 and Roblox Corporation

Blox Fruits has a sprinkle of different Anime but is mainly based on devil fruits from the One Piece series. While the famous game focuses on collecting blox fruits to level up your characters, there is also an excellent sword combat system that players will find addicting. Searching for Blox Fruits together and fighting in PvP with friends or strangers is thrilling.

Demon Slayer RPG 2

Image: Shounen Studio Group and Roblox Corporation

Demon Slayer RPG 2 is designed for Roblox players seeking an action-packed adventure. Based on the Anime of the same name, Demon Slayer, the player’s goal is to demolish all evil demons. There’s a twist that differs from the Anime, where the game even allows players to go evil and doom civilization by becoming a demon themselves. Fans can enjoy the experience with a friend in a PVP setting or tackle quests together.


Image: Dogs Studios and Roblox Corporation

Anime Battle Arena, also known as ABA, is an MMO that allows players to choose between various characters from Shonen Anime. With over 70 characters, 20 maps, and unique game modes — the game doesn’t grow stale, and there’s enough content for any player to get lost in. Each character has a different playstyle, too, making it necessary to learn them to be a god in PVP and multiplayer modes.


Image: SushiWalrus and Roblox Corporation

Ro-Ghoul has a dark and mature tone, making it best for audiences who are on the older side. Featuring Tokyo Ghoul characters, Ro-Ghoul’s primary focus is PVP, where there are two factions, and the mission is to eliminate the opposing team. With various powerful abilities at the player’s disposal, the combat can get wild and challenging, making it an exciting multiplayer game that requires determination.

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My Hero Mania

Image: My Hero Mania and Roblox Corporation

Similar to Ro-Ghoul, My Hero Mania provides players with incredible superpowers. Based on My Hero Academia, Mania has players rising to the challenge of taking down enemies — all rising in level as you move forward. PvP and cooperative play allow for practicing for the higher levels, where each player can try out new abilities and find the best playstyle. It’s also one of the most accurate games for My Hero Academia, where the skins look straight out of the Anime.

King Legacy

Image: Venture Lagoons and Roblox Corporation

Based on the famous One Piece Anime, King Legacy is a Roblox game that takes the series into a monster-hunting world. Players can get their hands on various unique weapons and abilities, each of which can be used against terrifying monsters in the world. Whether you want to hunt down these monsters on your own or with a friend, there is a lot of fun to be had in King Legacy.

Ninja Storm Simulator

Image: Big Dog Studio and Roblox Corporation

Naruto is one of the most classic Anime series released to date, so it’s only suitable that Ninja Storm Simulator makes it on this top 10 list. Filled with Naruto lore and abilities straight out of Anime — any Naruto fan will find something to love. While there are not a lot of multiplayer aspects in Ninja Storm Simulator, it is still worth mentioning as players can connect in the same world and show each other their Naruto love.

Grand Piece Online

Image: Grand Quest Games and Roblox Corporation

It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without mentioning Grand Piece Online, a game that built one of the most significant communities on the Roblox platform. Grand Piece Online is based on One Piece and consists of a large open world with incredible content, such as bosses, explorable areas, secrets, and multiplayer action. Find fruits, gain new abilities to take on other players, and show them who is the king of One Piece Anime.


Image: Films and Roblox Corporation

Attack of the Titan is a well-known Anime, and Downfall heavily draws inspiration from it. The player’s objective is to fight enormous titans found in a sprawling open world while bringing along friends. Cooperative play is encouraged, where you can devise a strategy together and concoct a plan to take down the most challenging titans in the game.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Image: Blockzone and Roblox Corporation

Are you looking for a Roblox game that focuses on fighting other players? Anime Fighting Simulator is a great choice. The game is exactly how it sounds, where players put their fighting skills to the test and try to beat other players in PvP fashion. The great part of Anime Fighting Simulator is that there are characters from numerous Anime shows, meaning there is a high chance for the game to include a favorite for any player.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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