Best Places to Farm Virgo in Lords of the Fallen

Here are the best places to farm Virgo in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Lords of the Fallen Combat Review
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The first thing you’ll notice when starting Lords of the Fallen is how challenging the game can be. Players can overcome the challenge by optimizing their build and leveling their character. As you level up, the amount of Virgo required to reach the next level increases, so finding a farming spot is wise. This guide will cover the best places to farm Virgo in Lords of the Fallen.

Where Are the Best Virgo Farming Spots in Lords of the Fallen?

This guide aims to provide the best places to farm Virgo for the early, mid, and end games of Lords of the Fallen. Remember, you can increase the amount of Virgo you receive from these locations by equipping the right accessories and farming in the Umbral Realm. Staying in Umbral increases your Virgo multiplier.

Best Early Game Virgo Farm – Sanctuary of Baptism Vestige

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The best early game location to farm Virgo in Lords of the Fallen starts from the Sanctuary of Baptism Vestige. Upon spawning at this location, you’ll find around five hostile enemies, plus about five non-hostile enemies, immediately to the left that you can kill and gather Virgo. They are all located right next to the Vestige, making this area a quick farm, and you’ll receive around 700 per run. Considering you don’t need much Virgo to level up early, 700 is a lot.

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Best Mid Game Virgo Farm – Forsaken Fen Vestige

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The best mid-game location to farm Virgo in Lords of the Fallen is the Forsaken Fen Vestige. When you spawn at this Vestige, go into the Umbral Realm and make your way up the slope to the right. Kill enemies until you reach the swamp area, where there are a handful of more zombie enemies. Killing all the zombies in this area will grant you around 1,500 Virgo per run, making this an excellent location for farming. By doing this method, I could level my character from 50 to 60 in about an hour. Make sure you are in the Umbral Realm for this one.

Best End Game Virgo Farm – Manse Supply Pathway Vestige

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There are many levels to farm in the endgame, considering the number of enemies increases. I recommend going to the Manse Supply Pathway Vestige near the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

Start from the main Vestige and continue up the mountain, killing all the enemies in your path, until you reach inside the large building on the main path. Keep going through this building, killing everyone, until you find a Vestige Flower Bed and plant a seed. Rest and repeat the process. The enemies are surprisingly manageable for this late in the game, and they reward around a total 4,000 Virgo per run.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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