10 Best Pokemon Black 2 Cheats

Experience Unova at a faster rate.

by Elliott Gatica

If you’re playing through some of the older Pokemon titles, you may have heard a lot of buzz about Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 being top-tier games. Since the game is significantly harder to find due to the original hardware not being in circulation anymore, you may have turned to other means of playing it. These other means also include allowing you to enter codes on the fly to change the experience of your games. So, if you want to have a more streamlined experience for Pokemon Black 2, check out the best Action Replay cheats for the game.

The 10 Best Pokemon Black 2 Cheats

Take no Damage

E2003000 00000018

D0002800 4903BD70

428E6809 2400D200

00004770 02257504

521A9B70 FF42F7F2

021A9B74 FA44F659

D2000000 00000000

Catches Never Fail

521AF850 7820D203

121AF850 000046C0

D2000000 00000000

All Wild Encounters Are Shiny

5201C534 43084050

0201C538 2000D108

E201C540 00000010

2000900A F027900B

E00AFCF1 980B2100

94000130 FFFB0000

1201C538 000046C0

E201C540 00000010

1C281C01 F000910A

2801FC47 E008D1F5

D2000000 00000000

*Hold Select while walking to encounter a shiny Pokemon.

Max Money

94000130 fffb0000

022266e4 0098967f

d2000000 00000000

*Press select when activated.

Exp Share

521aef84 42819903

121aef88 000046c0

d2000000 00000000

*This works how the system works in current Pokemon games.

No Random Encounters

521a07e8 7d527d11

521a17e8 bdf82000

121a17e4 000046c0

d2000000 00000000

521a17e8 bdf82000

94000130 fefd0000

121a17e4 0000e002

d2000000 00000000

Exp Multipliers

X2 Exp

521bd6f8 0c040400

021bd6f8 43442402

d2000000 00000000

X4 Exp

521bd6f8 0c040400

021bd6f8 43442404

d2000000 00000000

X8 Exp

521bd6f8 0c040400

021bd6f8 43442404

d2000000 00000000

Event Genesect

94000130 FFFB0000

B2000024 00000000

E0006D20 00000088

1E04C84F 17110000

73912D15 94CD26F3

CF5FA570 24A3C8C5

5C810328 AF806C90

89B3FA95 9A170DB0

98400519 23164E9B

4A5405EA 7A17ECF6

650E73A4 D91112CA

031DC9ED 7F10D71B

7CF22B78 3A4DD330

F86CAE70 FAD23449

F8CE50A1 AE89B2F9

7EA42493 7430202E

8A179EF5 2F208938

1CF1E42D 35378045

F3BA45D9 031D4108

E6038C96 99FAD46D

D2000000 00000000

*Press Select. It’ll appear in Box 7, Slot 1.

Event Keldeo

94000130 FCFF0000

B2000024 00000000

E0001C88 00000088

68F6A79C 3A620000

42FC1BF9 C8C5FF06

E9254C6D C0A72ECC

E974C156 0749A9A5

B4A27889 BBC399D8

FED16502 27A4971C

171BAFE0 0AB83FA1

EB2DB5F5 EFB07514

60FBE644 D5724B10

76598515 B13FFF45

F089B9AD 0D702A55

D4DC2351 50EB1059

4B4B74D3 30F66E4C

4D25872E 1FB5572F

8F562A1B 988A7588

968344AF 5C93FCBF

1355EEA3 FC77A6BA

D2000000 00000000

*Press L and R. Appears in Box 1, Slot 30.

GameStop Deoxys Event

94000130 FFFB0000

B2000024 00000000

E0000D20 00000088

5005816E E8560000



079F0827 65A4C094

06ECD255 72D5F5B3

DB327475 EB659591

9DB92C51 0933795A


106E88CC A539E2A7


DA6DDD56 85F00FB4

CC56F195 D00E0911

76582FCE BE640958

1420CA0B E9C65576

B480BB26 FFD7CA46

D30780C7 10C95E19


D2000000 00000000

*Press Select. It will appear in Box 1, Slot 1.

While there are other codes out there that give you max items, steal other trainers’ Pokemon, and such, those have been known to cause problems some way down the line. From getting items deleted, game crashing, Bad Eggs, or glitched Pokemon, those are fun to use, until you get something like those potentially game-breaking instances.

The safer cheats to use are the ones that will get you something specific with the press of a button. Though, it’s also good to not use cheats that stack certain button commands over each other. There are a few that require you to press the Select button. To ensure your game won’t crash, only activate one at a time if their functions happen so close to one another.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are available exclusively for the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023