Best Pokemon GO Master League Team (2022): Meta Pokemon Picks to Help You Win

Find out the best Meta team that you can use in the Master League for Pokemon Go!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to get into the more competitive side of Pokemon GO, you’ll want to start looking into the Master League, which allows you to put your best picks forward in battles against other players. As you’ll come to find out, however, these players are not willing to back down and will make you fight for your right to come out on top.

However, this can be daunting, especially if you are new to the series, and aren’t sure what the most meta Pokemon picks are for the current Battle Leagues that are going on. Thankfully, we are here to help you out and point you in the right direction, as we go through the current best Meta Pokemon for Master League! Let’s get right into it!

Pokemon Go – Best Meta Pokemon For Master League


If you’re looking to bring the pain to your opponents in the Master League, there are three Pokemon that you’ll want to make sure that you have on your team, with a specific set of attacks that come along with them. You’ll be blasting opponents away in no time if you are using them, so let’s get into the discussion.

You’ll want to lead off your round using Zacian, as they can take and deal a large amount of damage, and as long as you have the attacks Snarl, Close Combat, and Play Rough, you’ll be able to take on just about anything that a team throws at you. Play Rough 37.2 DPS, making it a very effective move to use against anyone, allowing you to whittle away at your opponent’s health bar rapidly.

However, if you’re looking to truly bring the power to these matches, you’ll want to use Dialga, with a pairing of the attacks Dragon Breath, Iron Head, and Thunder, so you’ll have an attack that will bring down anything Pokemon that your opponent brings to the field. Iron Head and Thunder bring a great amount of DPS, averaging 37.9 and 41.7, respectively so you’ll be able to knock out just about anything quickly with these two moves in tow.

Finally, to round this all out, you’ll want to have Kyogre on your team, with the attacks Water Fall, Surf, and Thunder. Having Thunder on your team twice may seem like overkill, but since it is such a strong attack against many different types, having it on here twice won’t hinder your progress. Waterfall does a respectable 16 DPS, but Thunder and Surf will also bring 47.3 and 45.9 DPS respectively, so paired with its high HP pool, you’ll survive just about any attack.

Using these Pokemon, and switching them out at the right spots, can almost always guarantee a victory. All of them are quite powerful, but paired together, offer a great team with little chance of failure. Keep practicing with them, and find your rhythm, and you’ll have an unstoppable team in no time.

Pokemon Go is available now on all mobile devices.

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