Best Skills to Unlock Early in Robocop Rogue City

Some skills can help tremendously during the early game

by Davi Braid

Alex Murphy has many different skills in Robocop: Rogue City. While most of his skills are quite useful, some yield the best results when unlocked early in the game.

Almost all abilities you unlock are a reference to something Robocop did in one of the old movies or just something that seems plausible enough to better the gameplay without ruining player immersion. However, not all abilities can be used at all times, and failing to unlock specific skills could make certain sections of the game unnecessarily more difficult.

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Best Abilities to Unlock in Robocop Rogue City

  • Deduction 2
  •   Focus 2
  •   Vitality 2
  •   Engineering 2

Robocop is really strong during the beginning of the game, and most of your enemies will be normal gangsters. More often than not, you can walk forward and shoot human targets without much concern. So, since you can deal with most of what the game throws your way at the beginning, investing 2 points in Deduction will help you find secret areas with hidden items and decipher encrypted messages. You don’t need Engineer 6 to open safes if you look for messages near them and use Deduction to figure out the combination.

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With that out of the way, it’s time to move to Focus 2. This will be one of the most important abilities. With Focus, your reflexes allow you to see the environment in slow motion for a short time. The higher your Focus, the more this slow motion lasts. This helps you take down the most important enemies once you identify them. It also makes it much easier to one-shot enemies by hitting them in the head.

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From this point, you need to determine whether you prefer a mobility option or the ability to regain health in longer stages without expending an OCP charge. It depends on your playstyle and also on how much damage you usually take before clearing an area. Vitality 2 allows Robocop to recharge at certain points where he can connect to the local power source. When it reaches 6, you can gain all your health back when recharging. Vitality also increases the amount of damage that Robocop can take and unlocks more OCP charges later on.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, we have Engineer 2. With 2 points in Engineering, Robocop can perform a quick hop, much like the one we see him doing to dodge a truck in the first movie. Due to Robocop’s raw power and weight, this charge can knock away enemies. It’s a great tool to quickly move to a target and finish them with a punch. It also helps Murphy to move away from grenades, reposition himself to avoid taking more damage when surrounded, or quickly move toward an essential item you can use, like an explosive barrel or an OCP charge.

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