Best Weapon Upgrades and Attachments in Starfield

Here are the best mods for your guns in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
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Starfield has combat encounters that can be challenging, especially in the late game and during certain side quests. Mods can make these encounters more manageable, so read further to find out the best weapon upgrades and attachments in Starfield.

What Are the Best Weapon Mods in Starfield?

Players can unlock mods for weapon upgrades and attachments at weapon workbenches. To unlock specific mods, you must unlock the corresponding Research Project at a Research Terminal. With that out of the way, below are the best mods in Starfield.

  • Explosive Rounds: Rounds that create small explosions in contact with any surface.
  • High Powered: Increases damage done by ballistic weapons.
  • Muzzle Brake: Increases long-range accuracy and stability at the cost of hip-fire accuracy.
  • Recon Laser Sight: Marks enemies while aiming and dramatically increases accuracy.
  • Tactical Magazine: Greatly increases reload speed.

Explosive Rounds

If you want to make enemies explode or make things go “boom,” the Explosive Rounds mod is for you. Adding this type of ammo into your gun will increase the amount of damage you do, as well as increase the area of effect when attacking. The latter is most important as you may kill two enemies, sometimes more, with one Explosive Round. This ammo type is a great way to help with crowd control and make gunfights quicker as a whole.

  • Tetrafluorides x2.
  • Adhesive x2.
  • Lead x2.

High Powered

Ballistic weapons are the most common guns in Starfield, although a lot of them don’t do much damage. That is where the high-powered weapon upgrade comes in handy, where it increases the damage output of the ballistic weapon you are using. This is especially great if you like the look and feel of a weapon but it isn’t meeting the damage numbers you would like it to.

  • Adhesive x3
  • Isocentered Magnet x1
  • Tantalum x3
  • Titanium x4

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Muzzle Brake

The Muzzle Brake mod is similar to High-Powered, although it targets long-range accuracy. There are plenty of times you’ll come across a weapon that deals significant damage up close but falls short during encounters that have enemies off in the distance.

Popping on the Muzzle Brake mod will allow you to deal that significant damage that happens up close to enemies off in the distance, making you more powerful overall. Keep in mind that the Muzzle Brake will lower hip-fire accuracy, but that’s okay since you’ll want to aim down sights for most weapons.

  • Sealant x2
  • Titanium x2
  • Tungsten x3

Recon Laser Sight

As you are exploring space and different planets, there are times you will come across one that is covered with debris, tons of rocks, and dust, making it harder to see. The Recon Laser Sight mod can help with this during combat, as it will highlight all enemies in your sights. This ability can make combat incredibly easier, as you can notice enemies before they notice you. The Recon Laser Sight is perfect for players looking to get kills quicker and who want to know where the enemy is at all times.

  • Adhesive x2
  • Zero Wire x2
  • Vanadium x3
  • Palladium x2

Tactical Magazine

The Tactical Magazine mod is a simple weapon upgrade that can make all the difference. Its primary effect is dramatically increasing reload speed, allowing the player to get more shots off in a shorter period. I can’t stress enough how great the Tactical Magazine is, as you can attach it to heavy weapons that deal high damage but have the slowest reload speed. Increasing the reload speed will make the gun more valuable overall and less frustrating when putting in another clip.

  • Lead 1x
  • Sealant 1x

There you have it, the best mods in Starfield. If you want to start crafting them, make sure to visit a research lab terminal to unlock the recipe to do so. There are tons of research terminals scattered throughout Starfield, but the easiest one to find is in the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis. This is my go-to spot for research, allowing easy access and a quick way to craft all the mods and upgrades I need.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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