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Biomutant – Choose Dark or Light Side?

Depending on your actions, your Aura will be decided


The Dark and Light trope has been done countless times in the past, however the approach Biomutant offers to the player is quite fresh, even if a little cliché. Like many other RPGs that utilize this system, you will be constantly find yourself in instances where you need to choose the ‘bad or good’ route to follow, which will also affect your surroundings in general. NPCs will treat you differently, a tweaked outcome to the story is waiting for you at the end and a lot more. With these in mind, what should your pick between Dark and Light should be? If you want some additional insight on that, feel free to check below as we explain everything needed.

Which side should you choose in Biomutant, Dark or Light?

First things first, Dark and Light are represented as your Aura in this brand new IP. If your actions are more on the aggressive side of things and you tend to do things your own way, without considering others, your Dark Aura will increase. If you decide on helping everyone and try to do things the least aggressive way possible, your Light Aura will increase instead.

This Aura changes a lot of things in the game. A very important example is that you unlock certain abilities only if your Aura of one side is high enough. In order to unlock the Telekinesis ability for example, you need to have your Dark Aura at a certain level, and this goes the same way for Light abilities too.

Besides your combat skills, a number of things are also different, depending on your Aura. NPCs for example will treat you completely differently depending on which side you are following at the moment, and even their dialogue options will change. Certain quests will follow different outcomes, you get the idea.

The biggest change however out of everything, is the actual final act of the game. Depending on your Aura and your in-game actions, the actual ending of the game will be different. we won’t be spoiling anything here, but just knowing this fact alone, will make you think twice about your choices and the consequences that there will be further down the line.

How to affect your Dark and Light Aura

Since you now know what your Aura affects, let’s take a brief look on how you can actually change it. There are lot of things that end up increasing either side, and while we can’t list all of them here due to how many they are, here are some core topics to point out:

  • Dialogue options you pick can raise any of the two sides, depending on the outcome.
  • Interacting with Light or Dark shrines will give you respective points for each side.
  • Picking a Dark or Light Tribe. Dark Tribes tend to guide you in ‘bad’ situations and events, while Light the opposite.
  • Picking small animals in the wild and decide on killing them or pet them.
  • Causing harm when you have the option, or not.

These are just a few of the things you can do to raise any side’s points, so just keep an eye out for occasions where you can see they will end up to a Dark or Light decision, and choose accordingly. Last thing we need to mention, is that everything can change. Even if your end goal is one that leads on the Dark side, there will be dozens of chances where you will be able to change that, so don’t feel you locked yourself out of any content the game has to offer, at any time. You will have plenty of chances to have a change of mind, so just play the game as you see fit.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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