Biomutant – How to Buy and Sell Items

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A basic feature of every RPG out there, is to be able to buy and sell items to vendors, and Biomutant of course keeps this trend ongoing. The game’s currency equivalent to money is Green, as you simply gather green leaves that act as your trade currency, so buy having the Green required you can buy weapon parts, consumables, clothes and a whole lot more. Selling these exact same things will obviously earn you some Green in return, so what we have here is the basic buy and sell system we all love or hate. That said, how do you actually find places where you can trade items like this? Take a look below to see exactly how.

How to buy and sell items in Biomutant

For a good while, you won’t be able to either buy or sell items. In fact, for some time you won’t even know if you actually have any Green to begin with, since there won’t be any use for it. After the tutorial phase is complete, you pretty much jump into the Tribe drama that is happening all over Biomutant, and exploring the nearby areas will be your first priority. The first time that you will be able to actually use whatever Green you have gathered up to that point through random bushes found all over the place, is going to be right after you captured your first enemy Tribe Outpost.

The moment you end up victorious and raise your Tribe’s flag in that Outpost, that’s when the first shop vendors are unlocked, in the Outpost’s market area. You can buy from them several items, like crafting materials, clothes, or even mounts. Complete weapons are not sold by any vendor, however you can just buy the parts for them and craft them yourself.

Similarly to buying, you can sell to any vendor pretty much any item you own, for a certain amount of Green. In both cases, buying or selling, if your Charisma stat is high enough and your barter percent is higher, the prices in general will be better. You will be able to buy stuff cheaper, and sell items for a better price. So if you are into trading back and forth, investing on Charisma may be your preferred way of leveling up your character.

After you capture your first Outpost, not only you will start unlocking them faster due to the game speeding up from that moment forward, but you will also start finding vendors in small villages and random areas, so always keep an eye out for different shopkeepers and check out their stock for new items.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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