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Biomutant – How to Craft Weapons and Armor

Combine daily life tools to create some unique weaponry


One major selling point of Biomutant, is that you can craft your own unique weapons and armor in the game with materials you find all over its gigantic world. You can combine literally anything you can find in ruined villages, giant factories and every other place you can imagine. Pencils can become add-ons for your melee weapons, a brush can be turned into a one-handed slash weapon, trumpets can act as muzzles, you get the idea. How can you actually craft yourself such fascinating weapons though? Check out below to find out anything you need.

How to craft items in Biomutant

After you pass the tutorial phase and start exploring the overworld, you will start finding dozens of random items all over the place. some of them are actually weapon and armor parts, and are used for creating brand new weapons, or modify your already existing ones. By going to the Gear menu, found in the main menu, you will be able to see the ‘Craft’ tab. Scroll to it, click it, and then pick the section you want. You can pick any part of your body like torso, legs, shoulders etc., or choose your main or off-hand to reach the weapons menu.


After selecting the field you want, you have a couple of options. Let’s start with your armor. If you chose torso for example and you already have a chest piece with a couple of add-on slots on it (the item will have this written in its information), you will be able to add some spare parts to it in order to increase its stats or add certain abilities. To do so, you also need resources that can be seen at the bottom of the same page. Planks, duct tape, all sorts of materials. Pick the add-on you want, check if you have the necessary resources and click the ‘Craft’ button. Your item will be ready right away. Please note that creating an armor piece from scratch is not possible.



In regards to weapons now, things are more complex. You have two options. You can either modify existing weapons, similarly to the torso example we had above, or create completely new weapons from scratch. There is really no difference to the result that you can actually end with and modifying your current weapons will save you some resources, hence making it the ideal choice if you only want to use specific weapons. If you however want to have multiple choices, for multiple builds and setups let’s say, then you will need to create a couple of new weapons.

Whatever the case may be, modifying or creating a new weapon from scratch, you will need to choose its parts. These parts will also dictate what type of weapon you are ending up with. The “Base” part of any weapon shows the type of the weapon you are creating (one-handed slash, crush, assault rifle etc.). The rest of the parts are simply there to change the looks of the weapon, its stats and abilities, if they have any.

Do not stress out about using the parts though, since they ARE NOT consumed in the process. At any time you want, you can simply dismantle the weapon and get back all of the parts used in first place. What will be consumed though, are the materials you used for creating the respective weapon. At first, this will be quite a hindrance, but soon enough you will be swimming in resources so again, it’s not a big deal. Not to mention you will be able to buy parts in several vendors and outposts in the world of Biomutant, so the process is going to get easier as time goes by. Don’t be afraid to experiment a lot with creating new toys, s it’s only going to make your game experience even better.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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