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Biomutant – How to Get Bio Points

Unlock some unique abilities with a lot of Bio-Points


Biomutant has a lot of different currencies you can gather, and Bio-Points is just another one of those exactly. They have two unique uses in the game. One is to unlock certain mutant powers, like growing a mushroom out of nowhere and jump on it, or spewing out vomit-like goo to essentially ‘poison’ your enemies. The second is to increase your Resistances, which while they looked lackluster as an option at first, I then realized how important they can end up being. If you want to know more about all of these, and to see how you can get some Bio-Points, check out below.

How to get Bio-Points in Biomutant

As with the rest of the currencies you can earn in Biomutant, Bio-Points matter greatly in regards to how you develop your character. You can get these points in various ways, and as you will learn very early in your adventure, one of them is by defeating Morks. There are certain places in the world, usually in underground areas like tunnels or bunkers, where you will encounter these plant-like creatures that will spawn minions. Each of those minions you defeat, drops one Bio-Point, and since you usually fight those Morks in groups of three, this results to three Bio-Points per encounter.

Another way of getting Bio-Points, which you will soon realize it will be your main income of this currency, is by finding Bio-Capsules. These are capsules with a bright green-ish color, that if you interact with, they will throw out a single Bio-Point. They can be found literally everywhere, from ruined towns, to dungeons, even out in the open. Always keep an eye out to get them, since the importance of Bio-Points is really high.

The reason with this currency is valued so much, is not only because you unlock new abilities, but due to being able to increase your Resistances with them. I neglected this mechanic at first, but when I realized how important it is, I ended up spending every spare point I had to these. There are a lot of regions in Biomutant that will be hazardous for your character to traverse into, resulting to the eventual death if you stay there for too long. Radioactive, toxic areas, you name it. If however, your resistance to that specific hazard is high enough, then you will be able to traverse freely in those areas, for as much as you like. While resistances can be increased through equipment, a single Bio-Point increases the chosen resistance by a whopping 10%. Hence, investing on increasing your resistances with Bio-Points all the more valuable. Search around the world and find as many as possible.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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