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In the new open-world RPG Biomutant, you are free to choose the way you want to increase your stats, from the moment you begin your journey, up the they very end of it. There are many parameters you need to pay attention to, from the most usual stuff like Strength and Agility, to some more unique ones like Charisma and Luck. Each of them are equally important, but depending on your own, unique playstyle, it’s only natural to focus on some more than others. Whatever the case may be, below you can find how to increase your stats in Biomutant.

How to increase stats in Biomutant

Before you even begin your adventure, you are tasked with creating the appearance, stats and class of your main character. All of them affect your overall status and even structure, but the choice of how to allocate your stats will be the most impactful, at least for the beginning of the game. You can choose to place most of your points, or even all, to a certain stat, maximizing its efficiency. In return though, the stats of the opposite element will decrease, in order to balance out things. To do this just drag the pointer that will be in front of you in the character creation screen, to the stat you want to increase the most.

After you start your adventure, there will be three methods in which you can increase your stats with. First, and the most obvious one, is by leveling up. Each time you level up, you earn 10 points to allocate to the stat you want. You can’t spread those points to multiple stats, so think of them as 1 point, that increase the stat you chose by 10. This means that even if you for example put all of your points to strength when you created your character, you can then proceed and dump all of them to Agility, if that’s something you’d like. There aren’t really any boundaries, so choose as you see fit.

The second way to increase your stats is by finding certain objects in the word, and interact with them. Some require a brief QTE sequence as well, so you will know exactly if they end up to some stat increase. Those objects can be a number of things, like for example lifting weights, so keep an eye for anything out of the ordinary in places you search and try to interact with everything.

Lastly, the final way of raising stats is also an obvious one. Equipping gear and crafting items for your character will be a major activity in Biomutant, and each item provides different stat bonuses. Which means that if you for example spent a lot on raising Intellect, but decided in the long run to focus on HP or Agility, you can equip gear that boosts those stats and balance out the field for you. It literally all depends on what you choose, as Biomutant offers you the freedom of doing anything you like, resulting to a very unique experience for each player.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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