Biomutant – How to Unlock All Automaton Functions

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There is a good number of Automaton functions you can unlock during your playthrough in Biomutant, all benefiting your main character with various helpful buffs and utilities. The Automaton is the little insectoid-like machine that’s been following you around all this time, and despite its size, it can prove itself really handy when needed. Below you will find everything in regards to how to unlock all of its functions as you progress through the story in this grand, action-RPG.

How to unlock all Automaton functions in Biomutant

With only a flashlight at first, the small grasshopper-looking automaton seems to be just a way of providing you the tools needed, as you explore. This won’t be the case for long though, as the Automaton can also fight alongside you, give you buffs and even heal you when you need so. One other unique ability it has, is to provide you with a glider, which you can open anytime you jump from high ground. This will immensely boost your traversal options, making it a necessity in the long run.

In order to unlock all of these interesting functions, you need to find a certain s NPC that’s holding a lamp. It’s a mysterious creature, with literally no dialogue at all, and there is also a catch. It’s not clear whether this NPC spawns at specific locations, but when you do find yourself within its range, a quest automatically pops up, which is called ‘Beating the Mirage’. This is your trigger in order to move your camera around and find this odd being. Don’t worry, it’s fairly large and its lamp has a distinct glow, making it extremely easy to spot.

After you do find it, simply approach it and the ‘mirage’ will initiate a mini-game-like sequence, more like an imaginary flashback to be honest, which after you complete you are offered with the option of unlocking a single Automaton function. You choose whichever you want, and you need to repeat this step three more times in order to unlock the rest as well. It won’t take you long if you explore the world besides your main questline, so just keep an eye out for this weird fella and you will have every function unlocked in no time.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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