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Biomutant – What to Do With Miscellaneous Items

Is it safe to throw away all that junk?


Miscellaneous items are a trend in pretty much every RPG out there, including Biomutant. In our case here, these are items you gather from all around the place, that being a deserted house or a dark cave, it doesn’t matter at all. Essentially, they are junk that they don’t even have a description to begin with, so to answer the question that is in everyone’s mind. What do you actually do with those miscellaneous items? The solution lies below, so feel free to take a look.

Can you sell miscellaneous items in Biomutant?

Biomutant ise a gigantic world to explore, with mysteries pretty much around every corner. Rare quests, hidden bosses, secret areas, you name it. As you traverse this vast, post-apocalyptic wilderness, you will find a great amount of miscellaneous items. We call them like this, because they are literally placed in the miscellaneous tab.

They are goodies of any kind, so we are not talking about something specific here. And since you gather them in masses, as they don’t have any info at all in regards to what they do, is it safe to sell them or break them down for actual materials? For the time being, yes it is. It is more often than not that such collectibles are used for quests or side content in general, but in Biomutant’s case neither seems to be the case at all. After completing the game, I haven’t found a single NPC that needs any of these items, or any reference to them from other sources. Which brought me to a conclusion. Either I didn’t find the quests that required these, or simply there isn’t any at all. The latter seems to be the most possible, hence why we are suggesting to freely sell or dismantle any of those miscellaneous items. After all, making a quick buck is never a bad thing.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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