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Biomutant – Which Breed and Class to Choose

Select the class that fits your playstyle


In the vibrant world of Biomutant, you begin your journey by choosing your respective breed and class that essentially make you who you are. That is only in the beginning of the game, since as you go on you unlock branching skills and abilities that result to a whole bunch of different playstyles, even if your starting breed and class didn’t mirror that specifically. Biomutant makes a great job of giving the player as much freedom as needed to experiment a lot with the available choices there are in-game, so there is no reason to feel like you need to start a new game just to change any of the two, if the one you picked doesn’t feel like the best. For more about this, take a look below.

Which breed and class to choose in Biomutant



There are six breeds available in Biomutant, and five classes (not including the pre-order bonus Mercenary) to choose from, depending on what you would like to focus on the most. Choosing a breed comes first, and this option will pretty much shape the way your character will look in the game. Here are all the available options:

  • Primal
  • Dumdon
  • Rex
  • Hyla
  • Fip
  • Murgel

Each of them specialize in different fields, like for example Primal leaning more towards ranged attacks and psi-abilities, while the Murgel breed focuses more in ‘being pretty and charismatic’, with their Charisma boosted. Whatever you pick doesn’t drastically change the end result or your experience in the game, so in my opinion choose the one you like the most in regards to appearance. You can also change their color afterwards, so the pre-registered templates that are shown during the selection screen, won’t mirror how your furry protagonist will actually look in-game.

You then proceed by allocating points to the respective field, by dragging a pointer towards the section you want more points in. If you want for example to create the buffest warrior, drag the pointer all the way to max strength, and you will see a significant boost to it, hence the overall melee damage you do. Please note though that the more on one side the pointer is taken to, the opposite side will lose points, in order to balance out things. I started my first playthrough as a mixed bag, with points allocated to Agility and Strength, in order to create a speedy, dual-wielding fighter. That ended though to lose some points in other fields, like Vitality and Charisma.



Here are all the available classes in Biomutant, with Mercenary excluded as it is a DLC option:

  • Dead-Eye
  • Commando
  • Psi-Freak
  • Saboteur
  • Sentinel

Your class choice will be a more significant then the breed one, since your class will dictate the fist abilities you will have in the game and a unique ‘class tree’ each of them has. Eventually and in the long run, you will be able to get some of the abilities from the other classes as well, but you will need to spend a good amount of Upgrade Points to do so. For this reason alone, it’s best to pick one you know you will utilize to its fullest, from the get-go.

Each of them comes with one special ability that the others won’t have, and you will also be able to unlock unique abilities after you finish the tutorial and gather the points needed. These abilities are unique to the class you pick, so if you for example start as a Dead-Eye, some of its skills won’t be unlockable from the rest of the classes for the majority of the game. It’s good on deciding before-hand what you will be playing as during your journey, a melee fighter or a psi-powered juggernaut for example, but rest assured you won’t be locked out of trying various stuff. As I mentioned above, I started my playthrough as a dual-wielding assassin, but in the long run I ended up using a lot of psi abilities and Assault Rifles that became my main weapons for a good while. Biomutant is really versatile with the options you will have as you progress, so don’t stress it too much. For reference, here is what each class specializes into:

  • Dead-Eye – Provides bonuses for a gun-like playstyle, with the superb passive ability of being able to reload your gun instantly, when it reaches low ammo
  • Commando – It’s all about heavy weaponry, like Shotguns and Assault Rifles, and maximizes the damage you cause with these types of guns
  • Psi-Freak – Enhances the ‘spellcasting’-like playstyle, with bonuses to abilities, skills and your innate energy regen stat
  • Saboteur – Able to dual-wield from the moment you begin your adventure and lots of bonuses to evading attacks and movement speed
  • Sentinel – The closest there is to a ‘Tank’-like class in the game. Wielding two handed, melee weapons will be the priority and expect health and strength bonuses

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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