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Black Ops 4 How to Get New Emotes Gestures and Sprays

A way to express yourself.

by William Schwartz


In Call of Duty Black Ops 4 there is a new system of Emotes Gestures and Sprays in the game.  These items let you express yourself while playing the multiplayer or Blackout modes, but the problem is there’s only a handful of these things in your inventory when you start the game.

A new Black Market system has arrived in Black Ops 4 and it’s a lot different than it’s been in previous Call of Duty games.  The new system is something like the Battle Pass that we see in games like Fortnite and it allows you to unlock new emotes or sprays for your character to use.

There are hundreds of contraband items to unlock for 200 Tiers during Operation: First Strike.

You can get new emotes and sprays in Black Ops 4 by simply ranking up during the operation.  Depending on the tier you will get a different reward, including random supply drops for certain levels.

New emotes and sprays may be added to the Black Market loot pool during daily and weekly updates.

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