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Black Ops 4 How to Repair Armor in Blackout

Blackout now lets you repair body armor, here's how it's done.

by William Schwartz


One of the new features that was recently rolled out in an update to the Black Ops 4 Blackout mode is the ability to repair your armor.  You can repair your armor in Blackout by collecting armor plates that are found like other items in the game.  In Blackout repairing armor functions similarly to how healing works, except for the fact that you can’t actually equip and repair your armor on the fly.

First things first, you’ll actually need to have armor equipped to repair it.  Once you do, you’ll notice that your armor has a health bar.  Once it’s all the way depleted it doesn’t help you anymore.  Now, with the addition of Armor Plates in Blackout that you can pick up, you can apply these to broken armor and repair them.  Armor plates are a new item and they look unique when found out in the world.   Armor Plates look like the ones in the image above.  These were found on the ground, but we’ve found them in numerous locations — just lying on the ground, in supply stashes, supply drops, and on other player’s loot drop once they die.

Depending on the armor you have on it depends on how much armor plating you need to fix it.  If you’ve got one bar missing from your body armor, one armor plate will do.  You’ll need as many plates as you have bars to fix your armor, but you don’t need to fully repair it to use it again.  So long as it has one bar it will still reflect some damage.

To actually perform the repair process you’re going to need to be wearing armor and have armor plates.  While it functions similarly to health, you can’t actually repair your armor on the fly.  You’ll need to access either the main inventory menu or the quick menu.  Either one will require that you manually go to the item and then use it to repair your armor.  It will take a couple of seconds to use one armor plate, so repairing a full Lv. 3 Body Armor could take a while to complete.

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