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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Dempsey in Blackout

Rush to the diner and then find some frags.

by William Schwartz


Dempsey is another of the classic Zombies characters that you can unlock in Black Ops 4 Blackout.  Like other character unlocks, you’re going to have to set your sights on a unique item and then meet some requirements to unlock Dempsey.  The item that you need to find to unlock Dempsey is the Juggernog bottle and the requirement that you need to meet is to kill an enemy with any grenade (Molotov doesn’t work).  In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock Dempsey in Blackout and where to find the Juggernog Bottle.  The killing part is on you.

Where to find the Juggernog Bottle in Blackout


The Juggernog Bottle can be found in the underground bunker in Nuketown.  This area is dark and has many different rooms in it, but the one you’re going to be looking for is the Diner.  You can follow the signs that are found throughout the bunker to make it there.  There are numerous ways into the bunker, we recommend either taking the entrance near the shoreline to avoid enemies, but it takes a little longer to get to the Diner.  If you want to get there fastest you can go in through the above ground ladder just behind the houses on the east side of the map.  You can take a look at the mini-map in the image above to see the exact location of the Diner.

The Juggernog bottle doesn’t spawn here every time, but when it does you’ll be able to see it in this center area in the Diner.  It will have a glowing outline around it as seen above.  Once you’ve got the bottle, you’re going to need to stock up on grenades and try to get at least one kill with one before you die.  This may be difficult if you aren’t familiar with using them, but grenades are a pretty common item to find in Blackout.  Cluster grenades or frag grenades will do the trick.

So long as you get one grenade kill and have the bottle in your inventory when you finish the match you will unlock Dempsey in Blackout.

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