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Black Ops Cold War – All Scorestreaks

Death can't stop you now

by Joshua Garibay


Goodbye killstreaks, hello Scorestreaks. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has made a divisive change in not only replacing Killstreaks with Scorestreaks, but by allowing the system to persist between deaths. No longer will an abrupt end to your rampage force you to lose progress on the way to the next Scorestreak.

The system is clearly designed to promote greater team-oriented play, as playing the objective awards points, but it must be pointed out that racking up loads of consecutive kills will achieve greater Scorestreak tiers more easily. If you, like the rest of the Call of Duty community, like to be a lone wolf and stand as a one-man-army against the opposition, that is still a viable playstyle for amassing these devastating abilities.

We have collected the full list of available Scorestreaks available in the game. Each Scorestreak designated below is paired with its level unlock requirement, point cost, and the associated cooldown timer. If no level is listed, the Scorestreak is unlocked by default.

Keep in mind that this information was pulled from the beta and is subject to change. The guide will be updated if Treyarch alters any of this information by or before the full release.

All Scorestreaks

Scorestreak Unlock Level Points Cooldown Timer Description
RC-XD N/A 800 90 Seconds Remote controller car strapped with explosives
Spy Plane N/A 1000 60 Seconds Reveal enemy positions through the Fog of War
Counter Spy Plane 11 1200 60 Seconds Scramble enemy mini-maps and disable hostile Missile Turrets for a short time
Sentry Turret 15 2000 60 Seconds Deploy a deadly automated turret that targets enemy players, vehicles, and equipment
Napalm Strike 26 2100 60 Seconds Launch a targeted carpet bomb strike of explosive napalm
Artillery N/A 2300 60 Seconds Launch three targeted airstrikes (unused strikes can be saved for later)
Air Patrol 32 3600 60 Seconds Call in a squadron of jets to attack enemy air Scorestreaks (Counter enemy Air Patrols)
War Machine 20 4000 60 Seconds High-explosive grenade launcher
Attack Helicopter N/A 5000 60 Seconds Call in an armed support helicopter
Chopper Gunner 38 8000 60 Seconds Be the gunner in a close air support helicopter

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