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Blackout How to Find Paint Cans in Black Ops 4

The new skin system in Blackout has you collecting cans of paint.

by William Schwartz


With the most recent update to the Blackout Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Treyarch has introduced a new weapon skin progression system for the mode that involves finding Paint Cans.  Finding these cans is going to be the way that you are going to unlock different skins for each weapon in the mode.

Finding Paint Cans in Blackout Mode seems like it’s going to be up to a little bit of luck.  We’ve found Paint Cans all over the map.  You’ll find them on roads, out in the middle of fields, in buildings, on top of rocks, and their placement seems completely random each round of Blackout.


How to get Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter guns in Blackout

Once you start collecting Paint Cans in Blackout you can then take them into the Armory and spend them on the guns you want.  The camo progression system starts with 5 cans at the beginning of each gun with skins costing more and more as you progress towards gold camo in Blackout.  You’ll need to progress through the performance and technical levels to get to the gold gun skin.  Like the standard multiplayer progression, once you get gold for all guns in  a class you will get Diamond.  Once you get diamond guns for every weapon you will unlock Dark Matter.

What you’ll want to be looking for on the map are blue and orange cans.  These cans will stay in your inventory without taking up any of your inventory slots used for standard items.  These Paint Cans have no other use in the game (at the moment).  Once the match is over they will be added to your total cans and you can spend them in the Armory to unlock new gun skins.

How to get Paint Cans Fast in Blackout

There are numerous methods that people are using to try and get Paint Cans fast in Blackout.  Since there is no exact location to find Paint Cans people have been sticking to more intuitive ways to finding more Paint Cans.  If you’re heading into Blackout just with the sole purpose of getting Paint Cans you might want to stick to places where they’ll be easy to see.  This can be on roadways in the game.  Hopping in a vehicle and travelling down the game’s roadways and hopping out when you see a can is one of the faster ways to get Paint Cans.  Otherwise, you’ll just want to always keep your eyes peeled for the item as they can be found anywhere.

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