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Blair Witch: How To Open The Lock To Get Inside The Sawmill

Take advantage of the camcorder.

by Dean James


There are two different instances in Blair Witch where you are prevented from entering an area due to a padlock that requires a specific code on it to open. We already covered the first of these in another guide focused on how to get inside the Bunker, but now we are focusing on the second of these located at the Sawmill.

After you go through all the trouble of getting to the Sawmill proper, you will notice that there is a locked door with a padlock to the right of where you enter. Just like with the other guide, we will go over how you can actually find out the code to the lock in-game, while also providing the code outright for those in a hurry as well.

To find out the code, you first need to go off into the building on the left that you can. Explore everywhere you can in this building and you will eventually come across a tape for your camcorder. Watch this tape until you get near the end and notice somebody opening a door that you previously noticed was closed. Make sure to stop the tape at just the right moment when it is open and then go enter the door itself.


Once you go through the door, you should find a piece of paper that you can pick up with four numbers, 3, 3, 2, 4, seemingly randomly scribbled onto it. However, these are not so random after all, as you will be using this code to open the lock.

Now return to the padlock and enter the code as you did on the previous lock. Move the first and second row markers over to the third slot, the third row market to the second slot, and the fourth row marker to the fourth slot. The lock will open immediately, allowing you go then go up a set of stairs and enter the Sawmill proper.

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