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Blair Witch: How to Use the Walkie Talkie

If you want to survive, you need to work the radio

by Kyle Hanson


As you make your first steps into the woods around Burkittsville, Maryland you have a lot of challenges lying in wait ahead of you. The Blair Witch is out and kidnapping hikers once again, and you very well may be on the menu. Of course, you aren’t totally alone out there, with the Sheriff and his deputies also searching for the missing boy that kicks off the narrative of the game. And to talk to them you have a trusty Walkie Talkie, but figuring out how to use it is one of your first challenges. Here’s how to use the Walkie Talkie in Blair Witch.

How to use the Walkie Talkie

The answer lies within the somewhat troublesome inventory menu found in Blair Witch. You won’t collect a ton of items as you search the woods for the missing young boy, so each one is vital to your and his potential survival. The Walkie Talkie may be chief among them though, as it allows the story to continue and for you to get important information about what’s going on in the woods. To use it, simply hold RB, Tab, or Middle Mouse to bring up the menu then select the Walkie Talkie in the top left corner.

Once selected the radio will be brought up on screen where you can use Action to speak. However, you need to be on the right channel first. These will be expanded later, but to start you need to get it to Channel 2 by pressing D or right on the analog stick. Once on Channel 2 use Action (A or left mouse) to start talking to the Sheriff. This will give you important exposition about what’s to come and let you continue your search.

And that’s how to use the Walkie Talkie in Blair Witch. Not the most startling opening challenge, but one you’re surely up to.

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