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Bleeding Edge – How to Change Board and Use It

Get around in style.

by Brandon Adams


Bleeding Edge requires you move around the arena if you seek victory, and the board mount is your ticket to quickly traversing the map. It’s not only a fast way to travel: you can flex your personality with a variety of board skins and trails up for grabs.

Board skins and trails are purchased with cosmetic currency.

All cosmetics in Bleeding Edge are unlocked with the same cosmetic currency earned from leveling your account. Playing the game, working with your team, and earning a sweet victory will net you the experience needed, but leveling does take time. As of writing this guide I am at account rank 8 and just shy of 2,500 currency, and some of the best skins go for a thousand or more cosmetic currency.

You will want to prioritize what cosmetics you want if you want to unlock them at a consistent rate. Once you have the needed cosmetic currency you can purchase new board mount skins and trails via the Workshop tab in the main menu. Once within pick a character that can use boards and then navigate towards the boards sub-menu. Board unlocks are universal across all characters, so you don’t need to fret buying a skin multiple times (you just want to pick a character that can ride boards, because the menu will not be accessible otherwise).

There are skins, alternate paint schemes, stickers, and trails up for grabs. Customizing your board in Bleeding Edge can get pricey, so know what you want before you go on a spending spree.

Once in a match you can mount up on your board (or in general for non-board using characters) at any time by pressing right on the D-Pad or Z. If you are struck while channeling your mount you will stop, so try and do so away from enemies. Most attacks won’t knock you off your mount once riding it, but any crowd-control will.

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