Bleeding Edge – How to Earn and Change Skins

Set yourself apart with the right character skin.

by Brandon Adams
Bleeding Edge - How to Earn and Change Skins

Bleeding Edge has a diverse stable of characters to play as, and each has a handful of additional skins you can unlock without spending a real dime. It will take time, but earning them is as easy as playing the game.

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Skins are unlocked with a currency earned from leveling your account.

There are two levels you earn experience towards while playing Bleeding Edge: your character’s level, and your overall account level. Leveling your account will reward you with a currency used exclusively on cosmetics. That means skins, boards, and emotes are all locked behind the same currency.

Skins are the most expensive of the lot, averaging around 2,000 cosmetic currency each. Once you have the requisite amount you need to navigate to Workshop tab in the main menu, then select the character you wish to unlock a new skin for. There will be a Skins menu, and selecting it will display all the that are on offer.

Again, this currency is shared by all cosmetics, and considering the price of each you may want to ignore the other cosmetics until you have the character skins you want. After reaching account level 8 I had close to 2,500 cosmetic currency – enough for one skin – so, it will take some dedication and impulse control to unlock them all.

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