Bleeding Edge – How to Parry

Become an unstoppable force by mastering this technique.

by Brandon Adams
Bleeding Edge - How to Parry

A successful parry in Bleeding Edge can stop an opponent’s attack dead in its tracks and give you a chance to rally, so how do you parry? Executing a parry is simple in theory, but in practice it’s one of the hardest skills to master.

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Parry right before an attack lands with either the right-trigger or left shift.

A successful parry requires you to hit either the right-trigger or left shift key just as an attack is about to land. You need to be standing still for this to work, otherwise you’ll evade instead. This is important because a parry does not consume stamina, unlike evading in Bleeding Edge. If you do manage to parry an enemy’s attack you will stagger them, knocking them back a bit and stunning them for a brief moment. You also regenerate a portion of stamina, which can keep you alive when you are incapable of evading.

The timing for this technique is strict, and it will take a while to master. Thankfully, there is a training dojo under the Training tab on the main page and you can use to to practice parrying attacks from every character in Bleeding Edge. Do not expect to perfect this overnight, but if you can become somewhat decent at it you will find yourself leagues ahead of the competition.

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