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Bleeding Edge – How to Ping

Communicate even without a headset.

by Brandon Adams


A solid ping system can help teams better coordinate without the need for microphones, and Bleeding Edge has made sure to include one. Pinging is simple, and can prove the difference between a coordinated team and an ineffective one.

Access ping prompts by clicking down on the D-Pad, or with left Alt.

Clicking either down on the D-Pad or left Alt will ping whatever you are aiming at, whether that be an objective, enemy, or power-up. You can use this quick ping to rapidly call out tactics and to better coral your team (focusing down an opposing healer, for example). People may not always listen, but you’d be surprised how many alter what they are doing when they hear an appropriate ping.

Holding down either button in Bleeding Edge will bring up a ping menu that allows you a few more granular options. You can share your super status with P or left-bumper, request everyone group-up with G or the X button, call for hel with H or the Y button, issue a retreat with R or the B button, and yell a contextual ping with the middle mouse button or A button (the contextual option is typically what a quick ping would relay).

Use pings to maintain order on a hectic battlefield. You’d be amazed by how many players in Bleeding Edge go from wild headless chickens to deadly murder squad with the use of pings, so don’t be afraid to use them.

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