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Borderlands 3: How To Save

Can you manually save?

by Dean James


Save mechanics in gaming have changed a lot over the years. Starting off with password systems, games then moves onto actual game saves. This was typically done manually or at the end of a stage in the past, though true autosaves have become more of the norm in recent years. This guide will explain just how you can save in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 does indeed offer an auto-save system, where it will save your progress by itself at times. This is indicated by a little Borderlands logo on the bottom corner of the screen, which will show up sporadically throughout your experience.

The game will typically autosave after the type of events you would expect it, such as after a mission or when entering new areas in the game. There are sometimes where its hard to tell when you would have last saved, so quitting from the menu itself usually helps this better than to just close out of the game otherwise.

A lot of games with autosaves still offer the ability to manually save as well, with people liking that option either as a way to ensure you are definitely saving at a particular spot or like having multiple saves to go back too. However, Borderlands 3 sadly does not offer this option at this time. Autosave will be your only way of saving, so make sure you are keeping an eye out for the saving icon when playing if you want to make sure that everybody you’ve done recently has been saved.

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