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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock the Monk Job

Throw away your weapons and get ready for some fist fighting.

by Victor Vellas


In good ol’ classic JRPG nature, Bravely Default 2 brings back the infamous Job system, which lets players customize their parties as they see fit. Ending up with so many unique combinations, as there are dozens of Jobs that can be found, is something that the fans of the series really looking forward to. Experimenting with any newly found Job, the whole process is really interesting and satisfying. The Monk is one of those that you find early into the game, so let’s take a look as to how you can unlock the specific Job.

How to unlock Monk

A master of bare-knuckles fighting, the Monk is a very strong physical based Job, that can be acquired within the Prologue of the game. After you have defeated Selene and Dag in order to save Gloria, claiming the White Mage and Vanguard Asterisks in the process, you continue your journey to Savalon, an oasis in the midst of an endless desert. While you are on the road, the owner of the Monk Asterisk, Horten, surprises your adventurers by asking for a fight, in order to steal the Wind Crystal from Gloria.


As you can imagine, the battle starts right away and in order to claim that Monk Asterisk for yourself, you need to defeat Horten. We won’t go into much detail here, but it is advised to be cautious with your physical attacks, as he can counter those with some serious damaging counterattacks.

After winning the fight, you unlock the Monk Job for everyone to use. As mentioned above, Monk is best used without holding any weapon, and it is suggested to pair him with a healing secondary Job, as Monks can be excellent off-healers too. This Job can’t be missed, since it’s part of the main storyline, so grab the Asterisk and continue with your adventure.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2021

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