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Brawl Stars Best Brawlers for Bounty (January 2021)

Let's take a look at Brawlers who excel in this battle-hungry mode.

by Victor Vellas


Brawl Stars has a plethora of modes and an equally big roster of characters to choose from, so let’s see who are the best Brawlers for Bounty right now. An aggressive mode, with your goal being amassing as many knock downs as possible, gathering Stars in the process. Whenever you are killed from someone else, all of the Stars you’ve gathered up to that point are deducted from your character and transferred to the enemy team, with the player who defeated you gaining more Stars for doing so.

Existing maps in the specific mode, can greatly impact Brawlers’ performance, so note down that while the Brawlers we are going to list in here are the most dominant to this mode in general, certain maps can completely shut them down with others being a preferable choice. A perfect example is maps with a huge amount of bushes cramped together, which make characters like  Bull shine the most, which in other instances it wouldn’t be the case.

With all that said, let’s take a look at Bounty’s most suitable Brawlers.

1. Piper

Bounty mode is all about killing your enemies fast, while being as safe as possible to protect your Stars. Who wouldn’t be the best for this, other than our blonde lady with a sniper umbrella, Piper. Able to knock out anyone from afar, with 2-3 shots at max. In case someone gets close, her Super is her escape tool, opening a getaway to live another day. Those bombs of hers can get some surprise kills as well, so don’t be afraid to use her Super aggressively.

Piper was always a staple for the specific mode, and she continues to this day being one of the strongest and most solid picks for Bounty.

2. Bo

Another marksman, Bo can easily stack up Stars with easy knock downs from his spread arrows, or his tricky mines. Like Piper, Bo is all about keeping his distance and taking down enemies with ease. His kit totally compliments this playstyle, with a certain Star Power (Circling Eagle) being an awesome tool to use for maps with a lot of bushes. Another safe choice, always being character with a very high win rate at this mode.

3. Penny

While Penny is not a powerhouse like the ones mentioned above, she provides excellent support to the team, with her Super being the pillar of her kit. Simply keep attacking enemies until you charge it, then find a nice spot for our little cannon friend and place it there. Afterwards, keep supporting your team with long shots, while your cannon rains hell to the enemy team. A preferable choice for players who join in with a pre-planned team, but can do the trick for solo matchmaking as well.

4. Mr. P

An odd choice, however, Mr. P surprisingly excels at Bounty maps. While his overall setup is not anything to brag about, his Super is what sends this mysterious penguin-man to being one of the most efficient Brawlers for this mode. Simply set it up to a safe spot, and let it annoy foes for eternity. I can’t even count how many times the little bots scored kills for me, while I was fighting elsewhere. A constant hindrance for the enemy, Mr. P climbed the ladder in Bounty mode, with exceptional win rates. A fan favorite for sure.

5. Tara

This last Brawler can be a little situational, depending on the map as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, but overall does a great job of supporting the team, while letting others carrying the heavy load. Tara’s main attack can be constantly annoying with her wide spread not allowing others to heal themselves, and her ace in the hole “Gravity”, can be the key for a successful victory, more often than not. If you are the kind of person who likes sabotaging the enemy, Tara is the perfect fit for you.

Honorable mentions

  • Brock/ Colt – similar to Piper and Bo, both are very strong long range attackers. Struggle with survivability though
  • Poco – A great AOE healer, but if you play with randoms you can end up having more than you need in the group, making him a better choice for pre-made teams
  • Emz – An overall good attacker and great utility, depending on the map though
  • Nani – Excellent tools for almost any map, however not too beginner-friendly as a character and lacks any tools for staying alive.

These are the most ‘meta’-like characters at the moment, for our awesome Bounty mode. We are still early into 2021 though, so we have a lot more to see in terms of new additions to the roster, more maps, and who knows, maybe some new features as well. For the time being, Brawl on!


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