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Brawl Stars Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball (Jan 2021)

Embrace your inner athlete, as we take a look at Brawl Ball's best Brawlers.

by Victor Vellas


Implementing a ‘football’ (or soccer, pick your poison) mode in a shooter multiplayer game, is something really out of the ordinary, however, Brawl Stars actually does this with great success. In this frantic mode, you have two teams pitted against each other, trying to score a goal against the enemy group, using a huge ball found in the middle of the map. The first team who scores 2 goals, wins the match. While it sounds easy, it really isn’t, as all Brawlers have their usual kits which can be unleased to disrupt others from scoring.

With that said, let’s see which Brawlers are the best for Brawl Ball, up to this point.

1. Jacky

By far one of the most common picks for this mode, Jacky succeeds on being one of the most dominant forces in Brawl Ball. In the process of trying to grab the ball, it is very often players are cramped up in order to do so. Therefore, Jacky and her AOE attack and Super are really handy for wrecking enemies. Additionally, Jacky’s Gadget provides her with a speed boost for a couple of seconds, which can be vital to scoring a goal fast. Don’t forget that her Super also pulls enemies towards her, so it can be used either defensively by keeping Brawlers away from her goal, or aggressively, pulling enemies in so they won’t hinder our team’s holder of the ball. Overall, a great choice for Brawl Ball, any way you cut it.

2. Nita

A greatly balanced Brawler, Nita pretty much does a little bit of everything. Provides good support with her constant attacks, especially when her bear is in the field, a good ball holder and a generic hindrance in the field. Her ‘Bear Paws’ further enhances her role, since she can stun enemies at key moments during the match. You can never go wrong picking Nita, and her win ratio proves this. Always a good time having her in the team.

3. Rosa

Rosa is a strong, aggressive tank. Her damage at close range is exceptional, but where she shines the most is when she is holding the ball. Especially with her Super active, Rosa is really hard taking down, due to her huge defense and HP. She can literally jump into the goal, with the ball, so it is sometimes preferable than actually shooting it, wich has chances of missing. Great at every map as well.

4. Frank

The definition of a juggernaut, Frank can reach up to 10900 HP with his ‘Sponge’ Star Power active, which is insane to say the least. Without a doubt, if you like grabbing the ball, rushing to the enemy goal without anyone being able to stop you, Frank is the go-to guy. His HP is not his only key feature, as his Super can stun everyone caught in its radius and it very often determines a battle’s outcome. My personal favorite for Brawl Ball.

5. Jessie

I both love and hate Jessie at the same time and I believe it is a mutual feeling among the rest of Brawl Stars’ community. It’s one of those Brawlers that you are glad seeing as a team member, but hate it when she ends up as an opponent. Reason is, she is a constant annoyance in the field. Her attack chains among the rest of the team, her Super drops a robot fella that keeps attacking you when in range, and with her ‘Shocky’ Star Power, those attacks can also chain to everyone caught in its range. Hence why Jessie feels like a fly, with you trying to get rid of her, but there she is once more. With players getting close to each other in order to get the ball, you can only imagine how tough she can be, utilizing all of her assets.

Honorable mentions

  • Mortis – can throw the ball in front and catch up to it quickly with his attack, reaching the enemy goal really fast.
  • Edgar – same as Mortis, can utilize his Super the same way, which also provides a speed boost.
  • Tara – timing her Super correctly, can lead to a victory very often
  • Bea – sometimes a marksman is needed depending on the team setup, and Bea’s innate slow is a bonus, making her a suitable choice

If you enjoy playing Brawl Ball, all of the Brawlers mentioned above can earn you some big chunks of wins, so make sure to try them out. Brawl on!

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