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Brawl Stars Best Brawlers For Robo Rumble (February 2021)

Get your power trio ready and jump into hordes of robot enemies.

by Victor Vellas


Brawl Stars has a number of modes and maps that focus on teamwork, and Robo Rumble is one of those exactly. Hordes of Robot Bandits come from every corner of the map, trying to destroy your safe box, with only defense being you and your teammates. Eventually, a big bad Robo Boss appears, testing everyone’s skills and willpower to protect that safe.

The specific mode underwent many changes from the first time it went live, finally reaching the point where it is today. You need to protect your safe for 2 minutes, with an increasing difficulty as time goes by . Therefore, let us take a look at the best Brawlers you can use to create a strong wall between the safe and the waves of robots coming at you.

Direct damage dealers

  • Brock
  • Colt
  • Surge
  • Spike
  • Rico

You can’t go wrong with any of them, as their burst damage is absolutely insane, considering you have them leveled  up a fair bit. Avoid using Auto Aim as well with these ones, as they are all heavily depended on well positioned attacks, with goal to aim for more than one robots if they are cramped up together.

Utility – Secondary damage Brawlers

  • Jessie
  • Emz
  • Barley
  • Tara
  • Nita

While not as bursty as the first group, these ones are great in almost any team composition due to the utility they bring to the table. Jessie’s chain attacks alongside her turret can help clear waves of gathered up enemies in seconds, Tara can save the day with her Super, and so on. Try to avoid being at the front of a fight with these ones though, since they don’t have great defensive mechanisms and they lack the offense to compensate for that as well.


  • Pam
  • Poco

Both Pam and Poco are exceptional choices to have in your party, with my personal preference being Pam. She is simply so good with any team composition, it’s hard to start a fight without her. Whenever I do play with my friends instead of randoms, Pam has always a spot in our group.


  • Frank
  • Rosa
  • El Primo

Every tanky Brawler in the game can actually work quite efficiently here, but these three are simply the best fit for this mode. Rosa and El Primo can ‘semi’ kite Robot Bandits, attacking them on the go, and with their great defenses they can easily protect the rest of the team from being targeted by them. Frank is on a level of his own, where he has an enormous life pool, literally enough to even tank the main Robot Boss. Which by the way is a great way to utilize these beasts here, since they can prolong your safe’s life by tanking the Boss themselves. At least for as long as they can hold out.

Honorable mentions

  • Bull
  • Gale
  • Bibi

Not being as suitable as the ones above them, but these cool Brawlers here can hold their own with nice gimmicks. Bull is just another bulky behemoth who fills the role of Rosa or El Primo, if they are absent, Gale can be extremely helpful with his Super pushing away Bandits, although situational, and Bibi can constantly push back enemies too, that are close to the safe.

Robo Rumble is an exciting and very interesting mode to play, so I hope with this brief guide here, you can up your plays and reach the highest difficulty. If you are looking for an optimal party, my personal suggestion would look something like this: Pam/Jessie-or any of the ‘Direct damage dealers’/ Frank. Taking this core into consideration, go ahead and customize your group as much as needed. Good luck and brawl on!


- This article was updated on:February 6th, 2021

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