Brawl Stars Starr Force Update Patch Notes

Meet Colonel Ruffs, leader of the Starr Force. Also, a dog.

by Victor Vellas

Brawl Star‘s new Season – Starr Force – was announced a couple of days ago, and now we have the full list of patch notes to know exactly what is waiting for us in this new update. Let’s take a look.

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New Chromatic Brawler – Colonel Ruffs

  • Chromatic Brawler
  • Main Attack – Shoots 2 parallel laser beams that bounce when hitting a wall
  • Super Ability – Calls forth a supply drop that damages enemies and leaves a buff for friendly brawlers to pick up. The buff increases health and damage and is lost when the Brawler is defeated. It does not stack.
  • Gadget – Ruffs drops down 3 sandbags to provide cover for himself. Each has 2000 health points.
  • Star Power – Supply drop now includes a bomb that adds +1000 damage to the drop and also allows it to destroy walls.

New Skins and Character Visual and Sound Effects

Star Force Skins

  • D4R-RY1 (Brawl Pass Skin – Tier 1)
  • Dark Lord Spike (149 Gems)
  • Navigator Colette (79 Gems)

Additional Skins

  • Smooth Lou (79 Gems)
  • Dark Tide Carl (10.000 Star Points)
  • Ronin Ruffs (Brawl Pass Skin – Tier 70)
  • Space Ox Bull (149 Gems)

Animated Pins for Piper, Nita, Jessie, Pam, Spike, and Bibi

Animated faces

  • Shelly Bandita, Shelly Witch
  • Nita, Nita Shiba
  • Colt Corsair
  • Bull, Bull Barbarian King
  • Dynamike, Dynamike Robo, Dynamike Coach
  • Piper Calavera
  • Bibi, Bibi Heroine
  • Mega Bettle Bea
  • Mortis, Mortis Nightwitch, Mortis Rock
  • Jacky
  • Frank
  • Max
  • Jessie Shadow Knight

Year of the Ox Lunar New Year

  • Main Menu Background & music
  • 5 LNY themed Pins

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

  • Map refresh for nearly all PvP modes, maps will be picked from Map Maker winners and community contests

New Gadgets

  • Rosa: All opponents in bushes take 100 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds.
  • Mr. P: The next attack will spawn an extra porter where the attack lands.
  • Poco: Removes active adverse effects from ally brawlers in a large area and gives a 1 second immunity.
  • Frank: Next attack pulls opponents to you.
  • Gene: Gene shoots a homing missile at all enemies inside a large area, the missile damage increases based on distance traveled
  • Nani: The next time Nani takes damage from an enemy, 80% of the damage is returned to the enemy. The rest is dealt to Nani like normal.
  • Tara: Tara spawns three shadows around herself that attack the nearest enemy and disappear after 6 seconds.
  • Tick: Tick becomes invulnerable for 1 second and then explodes for 1000 damage.



  • Matchmaking above 15.000 Total Trophies or 700 Brawler Trophies is now more accurate. (Players in this pool won’t match with other players below 15,000 Total Trophies, or below 700 Brawler Trophies – unless they are in pre-made team).


  • Trophies are now removed from the Winner of the Day maps


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 2000 to 2200
  • Increased Health from 3000 to 3200


  • Increased Health from 3800 to 4200


  • Heat Ejector damage increased from 400 to 600


  • Enemies poisoned by Crow now receive 40% reduced healing from all sources
  • Increased Super charge rate from Main Attack slightly from 15 to 14 dagger hits (not taking into account poison damage ticks)


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 1000 to 1080


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 920 to 1120
  • Main Attack now deals 25% less damage with each additional bouncing hit (Super charging rate is not affected for the bounces)


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 460 to 480
  • Increased Super charge rate slightly to fully charge from 2 Main Attacks at close range


  • Sneaky Sneakers activation delay reduced from 4 to 3 seconds


  • Increased Super charge rate from Main Attack from 6 to 5 hits


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 940 to 1020


  • Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 5.9%

Other changes

  • New Event Selection UI
  • Esports

Added an esports tab under the News section
Added a Tournament Hub button to the right side of the main screen
Visible only for players who achieve 15 wins in the Championship Challenge
Contains a WebView page from where the players can register for the Phase 2 Online Qualifiers

Bug Fixes

  • Jackie’s Counter Crush no longer triggers opposing Jackie’s Counter Crush to avoid the damage loops
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Healing Quests from being generated for Byron
  • Fixed an issue with Darryl getting stuck in water after using Super
  • Fixed minor issues in Map Maker and improved drawing of continuous tile lines
  • Fixed a case with player made maps which allowed the creation of an inaccessible single tile gap in the corner of the map
  • Fixed an issue in Brawl Ball with ball and rope fence interactions when rope fence tiles get destroyed
  • Fixed a rare case where Bo’s mines might remain on the ground after a Brawl Ball goal
  • Fixed a rare issue with Lou’s Super causing a crash
  • Fixed Siege Robots getting confused about teleports
  • Fixed Carl’s pickaxe behavior when Carl teleports mid attack
  • Fixed bot controlled Mortis’ ignoring summoned characters like Mr. P’s Porters
  • Fixed auto-fire to prioritize enemies over boxes in Showdown

A lot of new content is being added into the game, alongside numerous fixes and changes. Starr Force is expected to be a wild ride, and what I’m personally excited for the most, is that sweet Dark Lord Spike Skin. Brawl on and may the force be with you!



- This article was updated on November 9th, 2021