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Cadence of Hyrule How to Get Across the River

You need the Down Thrust ability from the Windmill.


In Cadence of Hyrule there are certain items that you need to get to new areas of the map.  One such location is the river that blocks you from heading further into the game for one of the four bass battles.  The River that you are going to need to cross is on Death Mountain, but you’ll need to get the Down Thrust ability before you can do that.

The Down Thrust ability is located at the Windmill.  Completing a musical challenge at the Windmill will get you the Down Thrust ability which allows you to drop on enemies from ledges and jump to adjacent spaces. Getting Down Thrust is pretty simple.  Just head to the windmill and complete a quick memory music note challenge and the item will be yours.


Once you have the Jump Thrust return to the river that you need to cross and simply walk onto an enemy that is in the river.  It will bounce you over to the other side.  Once on the other side you will still need to complete some smaller puzzles like finding a bridge switch, but this area will contain yet another boss fight that you must complete to beat the game.  Once you have down thrust this is a passive ability that you don’t need to do anything to use.  Other than put yourself in the situation to use it.

Doing some backtracking, you can use down thrust to potentially get treasures that you couldn’t reach before.

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