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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Best Sniping Spot Sainte Marie Du Mont (Out of Map)

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty WW2 has a lot of different glitches in its multiplayer maps that allow you to get into spaces that may or may not have been intended by the developers.  One of the more popular maps in the game, Sainte Marie Du Mont has one that allows you to get to the top of multiple buildings in the city that allow for great sniping spots.

Better yet, the glitch isn’t that hard to do with a little practice.  Starting out on the Axis side of the map, there is a golden car straight ahead of you.  Facing the front of the car, if you jump on the right fender and then on to the hood you can start this glitch to get you to the top of multiple buildings.

From this car, you can jump to the sandbag ledge directly to the right.  From there you’ll need to cross a gap between the sandbags.  Running and jumping here seems to work just fine, but when you get to the second set of sandbags you’ll need to be careful and navigate slightly to the left around the bags to continue walking directly towards another gap.

At the second gap in the sandbag wall, you’ll need to hop across and then turn around to run alongside the barbed wire fence.  First you’ll need to jump from barbed wire pole to barbed wire pole, but this jump is pretty easy.  Finally just run across the barbed wire until you make it to the area that allows you to jump up onto a building in the Axis Spawn that allows you to see nearly all the way across the map.

If you’re feeling truly adventurous you can take this a step further and get on top of the smoking building in the center of the map by aligning yourself with a group of sandbags that connect two buildings on the back side of the map.  There’s an invisible ledge that will allow you to cross between buildings, make an easy scamper up another barbed wire fence and then up to the top of the main building in the middle of the town for a sniping spot that allows you to see into the Axis Spawn, as well as multiple other areas in the map.

If all this sounds a little fuzzy, have a look at the video below for exactly how to reach this sniping spot in Sainte Marie Du Mont Map for Call of Duty WW2.

Best Sniping Spot Call of Duty WW2

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