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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Campaign Tips

by William Schwartz


The Call of Duty WW2 single player campaign takes you across Europe during WW2.  While it will feel somewhat familiar for fans of the series, Sledgehammer Games has changed up the formula for the single player enough to give it a different feel from other Call of Duty games.  Here are our top tips to survive the Call of Duty WW2 Campaign.

You have to work as a team

Call of Duty WW2 Single Player Campaign is centered around a group of soldiers who fight throughout the war together.  This is not a lone wolf story mode, and the gameplay has been changed to make you more dependent on your squadmates, even if they are controlled by AI.

It’s very beneficial to stay close to your squad in Call of Duty WW2 because each of them can help you out in different ways, from healing and ammunition to airstrikes and enemy call-outs.  Here’s what each of your squad members in Call of Duty WW2 Campaign will do for you.

Depending on the mission, you’ll have different squad members available.  These are noted in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Each character will have an icon as to what they’ll provide you.

  • Zussman – Pressing up on the d-pad, Zussman will throw you extra health packs
  • Aiello – Pressing up on the d-pad, Aiello will throw you a green smoke marker to call in an airstrike on enemies.
  • Pierson – Pressing up on the d-pad while near Pierson will use his binoculars to show the outline and position of enemy forces.
  • Turner – Pressing up on the d-pad, Turner will throw you ammunition if you’re running low.
  • Stiles – Pressing up on the d-pad, Stiles will refill your grenades.

You have to be near these characters to take advantage of their abilities.  Each of them are clearly marked on the screen, but straying too far away when low on ammunition or health can sometimes have deadly outcomes.

These mechanics are quite different than other Call of Duty games.  Because of that it might take you a little while to get used to the fact that you have to heal yourself, or the fact that you can utilize perks like the binoculars or airstrikes when you’re overwhelmed.  The sooner you learn to use these perks as often as possible the easier time you’ll have with the campaign.

Health No Longer Regenerates

In this Call of Duty campaign, your health does not regenerate automatically.  You’ll need to have a health pack on hand to heal yourself when your health is running low.  Pressing right on the d-pad will heal you if you have health packs on hand.  If you don’t, hit up Zussman or check your surroundings for health kits on the battlefield.

Check your surroundings

Most missions will have squadmates to help you with things like ammunition or health packs, but this is still a Call of Duty game and there’s always new guns and ammunition lying around on the ground.  What’s new to this one though is the health packs that will be found around each level as well.  While you can call for healthpacks if near Zussman, you can also stock up just by searching around each level as there’s usually a few tucked away in each part of the game.

Stay in Stealth

There are quite a few stealth missions in Call of Duty WW2’s campaign.  These levels are designed to be played in stealth or in all-out combat, but they are much easier beaten if remaining in stealth.  On stealth missions, enemies will have markers over their heads that will start out as black crosses and fill with white as an enemy is alerted.  Once the cross has been filled, you’ll usually break stealth and have to play a mission against many, many enemies.

Some stealth missions have commanders that can be killed to make it a little easier once things do go loud.

*note — On one stealth mission we broke stealth right after a check point and the level became so hard that we had to restart it entirely, losing our progress.  Make sure if the level is a stealth level, that you try to remain on the down low.

Heroic Actions

Throughout each level there are numerous “Heroic Actions” that you can perform to help earn Squad Abilities.  These range from saving soldiers from an enemy kill or dragging an injured soldier to safety or making enemy soldiers surrender.  Each of these actions will earn you new squad abilities.  You can go to the pause screen at any time on a level to see how many heroic actions are available or left in a stage.  All Heroic Actions are on a timer and will denoted by a red marker above the head of the person that either needs to be saved, killed, or made to surrender.  Missing the opportunity for the Heroic Action in a stage will require a restart at the last checkpoint to complete it.

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