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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Division Prestige Weapon List

by William Schwartz


Prestiging in Call of Duty WW2 is not only done when you reach the level cap for your character, but you can also prestige within your Division after you’ve completed Level IV.  Along the way, you’ll earn special perks within your Division but if you want a special reward you’ll need to go to the Headquarters and Prestige within your Division to unlock a special weapon for each.

Below you’ll find all of the Prestige Weapons for each Division in Call of Duty: WW2.

Infantry Division Prestige Weapon

SVT – 40 (Rifle)

Description: Semi-auto marksman assault rifle. Delivers high damage that can take out enemies in two shots. Earned by prestige in Infantry Division.

Damage – 8
Range – 8
Accuracy – 6
Fire Rate – 3
Capacity 10/30

Airborne Division Prestige Weapon

MP-40 (Submachine Gun)

Description: Automatic SMG with balanced recoil and steady fire rate.  Earned by prestige in Airborne Division.

Damage – 6
Range – 6
Accuracy – 5
Fire Rate – 8
Capacity – 32/96

Armored Division Prestige Weapon

MG 42 (Light Machine Gun)

Description: Full-auto LMG with moderate recoil and fast fire rate. Earned by prestige in Armored Division.

Damage – 6
Range – 5
Accuracy – 5
Fire Rate – 9
Capacity – 50/100

Mountain Division Prestige Weapon

KAR98K  (Sniper Rifle)

Description:  Bolt-action sniper rifle that offers a generous one shot kill zone. Earned by prestige in Mountain Division.

Damage – 9
Range – 9
Accuracy – 6
Fire Rate – 1
Capacity – 5/25

Expeditionary Division Prestige Weapon

Sawed-Off Shotgun (Shotgun)

Description: Sawed-off shotgun with a high close range damage output.

Damage – 6
Range – 5
Accuracy – 8
Fire Rate – 6
Capacity – 2/12

Division Prestige does reset your rank and your perks so you’ll need to start over at zero, but depending on whether or not you want access to this new weapon should dictate whether you would like to take the plunge.  You can do so by visiting the Division Prestige table in the Headquarters.

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