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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Divisions & Progression Explained

by William Schwartz


Unlike other Call of Duty games, Call of Duty WW2 features a brand new system for creating a character to use in the competitive multiplayer mode for the game.  Instead of creating a class as in other entries in the series, this game introduces “Divisions.”

With five Divisions in all, players will be able to pick a Division that features unique perks and abilities when starting Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer for the first time.  The Divisions include: Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain, and Expeditionary.

Each of them suit different playstyles and have progression elements that unlock new perks for your character as well as an exclusive weapon upon completing four levels of progress and then Prestige in Headquarters mode.

Below you’ll find a full list of the Divisions in Call of Duty WW2, the perks unlocked as you progress in rank, and the Prestige Weapon for each Division.

Infantry Division & Progression

I: Rifle Bayonet
II: Additional Primary Attachment
III: Extra Magazines
IV: Move significantly faster while aiming down sights
V: Prestige Weapon – SVT – 40

Airborne Division & Progression

I: SMG Suppressor
II: Sprint for longer distances
III: Climb over obstacles faster
IV: Increased sprint speed
V: MP-40

Armored Division & Progression

I: LMG Bipod
II: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment
III: Take less fire damage
IV: Take significantly less explosive damage
V: Prestige Weapon – MG 42

Mountain Division & Progression

I: Sniper Sharpshooter
II: Always invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft
III: Hidden to player-controlled Streaks
IV: Silent movement
V: Prestige Weapon – KAR89K

Expeditionary Division & Progression

I: Shotgun Incendiary Shells
II: Select a piece of Tactical and Lethal Equipment
III: Throw equipment faster, farther & while sprinting
IV: Resupply equipment from killed enemies
V: Prestige Weapon – Sawed-off Shotgun

Which Call of Duty WW2 Division is best for you?

As you can see from the perks list, each of these Divisions will play much differently from the other.  If you’re looking for an all-around, well-rounded character the Infantry class is most geared toward this play style.  If you’re a run and gun player, Airborne is the best choice as it offers perks that boost your speed, sprinting and vaulting abilities.  For Snipers and those who prefer not to be so easily detected, the Mountain Division is a good choice as you’ll have perks that allow you to remain hidden from Enemy Recon planes.  Trying different Divisions in the game and mixing and matching them with Basic Training perks will likely be the best way to make the best character to suit your playstyle.  You can find a list of these complimentary Basic Training Perks here.

- This article was updated on:November 2nd, 2017

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