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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: How to Unlock Watermelon Gun Range Sequence in Headquarters

by William Schwartz


The Shooting Range in Headquarters Mode has tons of targets that you can shoot at, but it’s got some secrets as well.  One of them is a secret shooting sequence that will unleash watermelons onto the range that you can blow up.  This is how you get watermelons in the Headquarters Shooting Range.

First things first you’ll need to head to the Shooting Range.  Once there, you’ll see three sections that you can stand in.  You don’t have to be standing in a specific section to do this trick, but it’s easiest if you’re furthest to the right as you’ll have a clear shot at the targets you need to hit to release the watermelons.

In the right flank section, there are two white diamond shaped targets with red outlines and circles in the middle of them.  This part seems to be completely random.  You’ll need to shoot one of these targets and then shoot the three targets that pop up as a result.

Watermelons on the Gun Range in Headquarters

After shooting these three black and white targets another set of targets will pop up a little further back in a row of three on the left and a vertical column of five on the right.  Shoot these targets and two human target boards will pop up.  One is left of center and the other is back a little further and two the right.  Shoot these two targets and a group of watermelons will be released on to the Shooting Range.

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