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Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Guide: How to Unlock Pack-A-Punch

by William Schwartz


Sledgehammer Games has reimagined the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WW2.  While they’ve certainly put their own spin on things for this iteration of the popular cooperative mode, some things are carried over from previous Zombie modes.  Like the Pack-A-Punch, for example.  Like other Call of Duty Zombie modes, The Final Reich does feature a Pack-A-Punch Machine that can help you power-up your weapons to face the increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

This is a guide to help you unlock the Pack-A-Punch Machine in the Final Reich quickly.  It can be unlocked fairly quickly, and can even be done pretty easily in the single player zombies mode.  You’ll need to start as you would in every Zombies match, but we’ve laid out a timeline that you should follow to unlock Pack-A-Punch as quickly as possible.

Defeat all of the zombies in the starting area and once they’re cleared, unlock the middle gate which will bring you out into the Village Square.

During Wave 2 you can start to get things powered up in the Village so that you can access the Bunker.  As you walk into Village Square you’ll notice three power cables coming from a generator.  Follow the three cords and you’ll find three valves.  These all need to be turned all the way up.  Save the final valve that’s locked behind a gate for last.  As you clear out the zombies in Wave 2, you should save up enough cash to unlock the door to the third valve, which is located in Riverside.


You should have all three valves cranked to sixty, which will now give you the option to press a button that activates a pilot light.   You can either clear out the Wave 3 zombies or press the button immediately, but be warned, once you do you will have to deal with a handful of fast moving enemies.  At this point, depending on how you’ve managed your ammunition, you may need to purchase a new weapon.  There is a weapon on the wall directly to the left of the pilot light, but if you can save your cash the first Mystery Box is just ahead.

During the transition between Wave 3 and Wave 4 you’ll have an opportunity to jump into the hole that you just created by turning on the pilot light and blowing a hole in the ground.  This will take you into the Tunnel.  In the Tunnel you’ll find the power switch that needs to be pressed to access the Bunker.  After pressing the power head back out into the Village Square and then open the Bunker door.  If you’ve saved your cash you can unlock the Mystery Box in the Command Room here and purchase a weapon. Regardless, you’ll need to clear out the fourth wave of Zombies.


Once you’re in the Bunker’s Command Room you’ll need to open the door on the left to The Morgue, which will start leading you on your way to the Pack-A-Punch machine.  It costs another 1500 Jolts to open.   At this point progress forward through the Morgue to the Sewers.  You’ll need another 1500 Jolts to get from the Morgue to the Sewers, but once you’re there you’ll get your first glimpse at the Pack-a-Punch Machine.  It’s surrounded by spiked gates and you’ll need to raise these gates by hitting three switches that are currently behind bars.  If you take a look around before leaving the Sewers you’ll see three tubes.

The next portion of this guide will tell you where these tubes are.  The closest tube is back in the Bunker Command Room.  Just head back through the Morgue to the Command Room and then turn immediately right once you’re back in.  Go up the stairs to the right and the tube will be on your left, it cost 250 Jolts to ride the tube back down to the Sewers.  Riding that tube back down will open the gate that was there before.  Don’t forget to hit the button on your right to lift one of the gates surrounding the Pack-a-Punch.  Go right back to the Command Room through the Morgue, but this time you’ll want to go straight across to the other side and open the door to the Laboratory. This door cost 1500 Jolts as well, but the second tube is not far off from here.  Head through the laboratory and take a left through the Zombie Trap.  Just after the trap on your left you’ll find tube #2.  It’s another 250 Jolts to ride the tube down and repeat the same process from before.


The final tube is located in The Tower.  This area is really close to where you start the Zombies mode.  Make your way back out to the Village Square and then back to where you started the game.  You’ll now be able to unlock a door that leads right to the Tower area.  Head across the bridge and then as you approach the tower head to the left and you’ll see the final tube in the back left corner.

This final tube ride will allow you to fully access the Pack-a-Punch machine.  Once you have access you can upgrade any weapon for 5000 Jolts.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Pack-a-Punch Walkthrough

- This article was updated on:November 2nd, 2017

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