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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Guide – Episode 3 Secret Objectives

by Dean James


After completing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Episode 1 and its 18 stages with Captain Toad, Toadette took center stage for Episode 2’s 18 stages as well. However, Episode 3 features both sporadically, though more focused on the game’s namesake. Instead of 18 levels this time, Captain Toad and Toadette have to traverse 28 brand new stages.

Each of these features three gems, an end star, as well as a secret objective as with all the others. Considering that you do not get to see what the secret objective is until the end of each level, we thought we’d let you know what they are for each, in case you wish to collect the three gems, secret objective, and end star in one go each. The following are the secret objectives for Episode 3 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

1.  Rolling Inferno – Collected 75 coins!
2.  Seesaw Sizzle – Didn’t defeat any of the Spikes!
3.  Beep Block Sky Plaza – Didn’t take any damage!
4.  Pickax Cave Plummet – Didn’t break any Rock Blocks!
5.  Stumpy Springs Sanctuary – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
6.  Biddybud Snow Stroll – Didn’t break any tiles!
7.  Cagey Conkdor Caper – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
8.  Up ‘n’ Down Desert – Used switches 8 times to clear!
9.  Mine Cart Ruins Rumble – Collected the 1-Up Mushroom!
10. Multi-Vator Mayhem – Cleared course with 5 Toads!
11. Flip Panel Footpath – Collected 45 coins!
12. Rock Block Badlands – Cleared in 10 shots or fewer!
13. Secret of the Golden Realm – Cleared course in 10 touches!
14. Shy Guy Shadow Den – Slipped past all of the Shy Guys!
15. Razzle-Dazzle Slider – Didn’t fall into any holes!
16. Poison Canal Cannon Run – Cleared course with 4 Toadettes!
17. Fright Train Flight – Defeated all of the Mud Troopers!
18. No Sleep at Magikoopa Keep – Collected 190 coins!
19. Retro Ramp-Up – Broke all of the blocks!
20. Twisty-Turny Planet – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
21. Ghost Gallery Gambit – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
22. Touchstone Turmoil – Cleared course in 6 touches!
23. Color Crate Carousel – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
24. Trick-Track Hall – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
25. Deep-Space Gyromajig – Didn’t take any damage!
26. Magma Road Marathon – Collected 150 coins!
27. Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole – Collected 200 coins!
28. Wingo’s Whackdown – Collected 220 coins!

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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