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Where to Check if Pokemon GO Servers Are Up or Down


Pokemon GO servers have been down quite often since the game launched, and the online connection needed to play the game has been very upredictable.  The mobile Pokemon game has proven to be incredibly popular, with millions of users taking to the streets to catch Pokemon and do battle with one another.  Given this popularity the developers have a hard time keeping the game online. Because of this, a number of sites have popped up that can tell you if Pokemon GO servers are down and when the Pokemon GO servers will be back up.

Three separate websites have been created and devoted to telling you whether the Pokemon GO servers are up or down.  Ispokemongodownornot is one such resource.  This site will tell you if the Pokemon GO servers are down, how long they’ve been working over multiple time frames.  It also shows statistics like latency, the ability to place a lure, as well as logins for different regions.

Are Pokemon GO Servers Down?

Twitter user @jooas has also created a page that, while a little less stylish, also tells whether or not Pokemon GO servers are up as well as if the Pokemon Trainer Club is online or not.  This site also shows how often the servers have been down over multiple time ranges.  If you’re looking for a less detailed breakdown, but want access to more countries connections for Pokemon GO the MMO Server Status page has latency times and connections for many countries across the globe that currently have access to Pokemon GO.

Of course, you can always follow our site as well as we’ve covered the many outages that the game has had since launch.  While server outages have become commonplace in online games, Pokemon GO has been such a global phenomenon that Niantic has had a hard time keeping up with the traffic.  Using these resources you’ll be able to know whether Pokemon Go Servers are Down, Up, or if it’s just your connection.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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