Cinnabar Spindle vs Harbinger of Dawn – Which is the Best Weapon for Albedo?

Which of the weapons is the best for Albedo?

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Albedo Weapon Genshin

Genshin Impact‘s new event featuring weapon Cinnabar Spindle is here, allowing all who currently own the Chief Alchemist/Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius the ability to have what many call the best non-5-Star weapon for him. But is the new 4-star sword better for Albedo than the Harbinger of Dawn?

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Cinnabar Spindle vs Harbinger of Dawn – Which is the Best Weapon for Albedo?

When we talk about Albedo’s role in any given composition, it is important to point out a few things. First, his main ability scales off his Overall Defense, and second, he is an off-the-field support capable of dealing massive Geo Damage at fixed intervals while also generating shield particles just as fast. All while having on its Elemental Skill its main source of damage. For those reasons, after its release of version 1.2, ”The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”, which also featured the debut of the region of Dragonspine to the game, the 3-star sword Harbinger of Dawn became a favorite of the community thanks to its ability to give Albedo a total of 28% extra CRIT Rate when at 90% health or above, which allowed players to focus on increasing CRIT Damage. Given that you make use of the right Artifact Sets.

With that said, and taking into account Albedo’s strengths and the fact that Genshin Impact’s version 2.3 ”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” marked a revolution for the Albedo build, as it presented to players the best artifact set in-game for the Kreideprinz, the Cinnabar Spindle sword is capable of out-damaging the Harbinger of Dawn in any given artifact composition, as it not only increases the damage of Albedo’s Elemental Skill by 40/80% of his defense but also offers a bonus of up to 69% in his overall defense. That, plus the fact that the sword is a perfect fit with the new artifact set, Husk of Opulent Dreams, makes the weapon one capable of strengthening all of Albedo’s main points. It’s important to point out that not using the new Husk of Opulent Dreams full set is extremely unadvised for Albedo since no other set fits him like it.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS.

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