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COD Mobile – How to Get Credits

Target these tasks to get credits fast.

by William Schwartz


There are multiple types of currency in COD Mobile.  There is a premium currency known as Call of Duty Points and another currency known as Credits.  This guide will explain how to get Credits in COD Mobile, which things you should focus on in the game if you want to earn credits fast in Call of Duty Mobile.

What Are Credits in COD Mobile

Credits in COD Mobile is the currency that you can earn simply by playing the game and completing different types of challenges.  You can use credits in the store to purchase different weapon types and weapon skins as well as things like Sprays.

How to Get Credits in Call of Duty Mobile


Currently, there are numerous events going on that are ongoing things in COD Mobile.  Check the Events tab from the main menu to see which events are going on and what rewards are possible.  These rewards events include things like community challenges, mode specific events and more.  Check these Events often to see if you are missing out on any potential credits.

Weekly Tasks

There are numerous weekly tasks that you can try to complete and some of them will reward you with credits.  Head to the events tab and then scroll to the Weekly Challenge tab to see which challenges are available.  Some challenges will reward you with credits or supply drop crates which can contain credit rewards as well.

Battle Pass Rewards

Completing the COD Mobile Battle Pass will reward you with credits at different levels.  To complete the Battle Pass in COD Mobile you simply need to complete challenges and claim your points from doing so.  The points will be applied to your Tier level on the Battle Pass and there are numerous spots on the Battle Pass that will reward you with items.  There are numerous spots where you will earn credits when reach certain Tier levels, and there is also a premium Battle Pass that can be used to earn even more credits throughout the different levels of the Battle Pass.

Watch in-App Advertisements

You can watch in-app advertisements by clicking on the video icon at the top of the main menu.  Watching these videos will give you different rewards that can contain credits.  You can watch a limited amount of ads and you’ll be placed on a cooldown timer once you’ve watched one ad.

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