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Code Vein: How to Jump, Can you Jump in this game?

There is no jumping and you can't climb ledges either.

by William Schwartz


Code Vein is a game that is constantly showing you things that are above you that you can potentially get.  While you might naturally think that there is a jump button to reach it, there actually isn’t a jump button in this game.

When you find items that are in hard to reach places, there is always a path to get the items if you do some exploring.  To get items that are up on ledges or that you see at higher elevations, you’ll usually need to find a path or a ladder to get up to them.

However, you can roll off of ledges in Code Vein.  While it’s not jumping, technically, it does allow you to get to places that you otherwise couldn’t.  See an item or area that you want to explore that is below you?  You can roll or walk off of ledges to get there.  Sometimes this is necessary when exploring a level.  Take warning though, there is fall damage in Code Vein so if you fall too far you will either lose health or you could die.

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